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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Jerusalem Hand Carved Olived Wood Gifts Available Now!

Amazing Find! Hand Carved Olive Wood Holy Land Gifts!

Scripture::Psalm 52:8" I am like a green olive tree...."

Are you looking for a unique gift for a fellow Christian?
These unique Olive wood handcrafted gifts from the Holy Land were placed across my path in an unusual way.
If you do purchase a gift through one of these links, please comment below with contact information, so I may send you a thank you.
Perhaps, this is an answer to your prayers.
How did I discover these  hand crafted olive wood gifts?
Well, it happened like this.
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Discovering Hand Carved Olivewood Gifts from Jerusalem

 The other morning, I posted a prayer request on Facebook, then almost immediately I received a rather interesting dream that I  am still writing out.
When I awoke, The Jerusalem export company was placed across my path while searching for Wood Carving Tools and Wood Carving Lessons to post as links on a post about Omemee Carver Gerald Guenkel.
I was amazed to find this Jerusalem hand carved Olive wood Portrait of Mary, Jesus and Joseph show up in my first results.
Hand Carved Olive Wood Joseph,Mary,and Jesus Click for details

 Even more amazing, when I applied to be an affiliate, I  was immediately accepted!
Normally, being accepted as an affiliate takes anywhere from one day to two weeks!
Since, I truly believe everything happens for a reason, I  am sharing this information with you.Perhaps this Jerusalem hand carving group will be the answer to one of your prayers.

image hand carved wooden Cross on light  blue circle Hand made Gifts from the Holy Land
See More Olive wood Carvings Click the Banner Above

May Our Father Bless you so you can sow seeds to lead more souls to THE TRUTH! 
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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Magic Versus Miracles - Egyptian Showdown Featuring Moses! [Exodus]

How Could Sorcerers Perform Miracles? 

Scriptures : Exodus 7; 2 Timothy 3:8
Today's post is in response to Ken Kinsley. Ken requested a response from me on Quora to the following question:
In the book of Exodus, how could the Pharoah's sorcerers perform miracles? Miracles of inferior quality to those performed by Moses, certainly, but miracles nonetheless. Who is granting them this power if not their gods? 
My prayer:
In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I come to You asking O Father  for discernment.
Open my eyes to the truth of the meaning of these words recorded so long ago. Give me discernment that I  may convey what it is You wish people to know and understand about this scripture.
Help me understand the texts and at the same time, help me to remain humble in the pursuit of this knowledge. Do not let me become puffed up or prideful. Help anyone reading my writings to understand that I am merely a student, a human, and very flawed at that.
Help them to understand how important it is that they ask You, O Father, to open the eyes of their hearts to the particular message You have for them concerning this ancient writing. Help them see the importance of having a personal relationship with You.
May all be according to Your will.
FTC Disclosure: Posts on this blog contain affiliate links which pay me a few cents for referrals if you make a purchase through them. I only post links to products and services that I feel are a good value. Thank you.

Examining the Exodus Showdown 

Exodus is one of the most exciting books of ancient Hebrew writing. However, first we need to some matters straight.
The writings do not state the wisemen and magicians summoned by Pharaoh, performed miracles. 
The text says that they merely copied the actions of Aaron in Exodus 7:11.
they did likewise through their בְּלַהֲטֵיהֶם.  
To truly understand the Hebrew text of Exodus 7:11 it would be best to consult the original writer. Ask Our Father to reveal the meaning it holds for you.
Second best, is best to consult a student of that language and time period.
Just as meanings of words and phrases have shifted in English, it is necessary to not only know the Hebrew words, but what was meant by those words in that time period.
Unfortunately, I am not a learned scholar in these areas.

Discovering Christians - My Unico Bean Salad Recipe!

Making Unico Bean Salad - Discovering God! 

Scripture:Psalm 34:1
Unico brand tomatoes and beans have long been a staple in our home. Not only do they offer excellent quality, but their products are competitively priced.
What I did not know is the role Our Father plays in getting those cans onto the shelves in our local grocery stores.
Surprised too?
This post has my Unico bean salad recipe, and a bit about my surprising journey of discovery into the role Our Father plays in getting my favorite products to market.

Praying For Leaders

How Do You Pray for Leaders?

Scripture:1 Timothy 2:2
Are you praying for our leaders? Many people often criticize the leadership of their country.
However, what we are to be doing is praying for our leaders.
Today's post has an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau  and my prayer for him, as well as my two cents worth about praying for our leaders.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Debt Reduction By The Book - Tom Copland Helps!

Debt Dragging You Down?

Many people get really dragged down by debt.
 I know what it's like. Several years ago I  stopped using credit cards, because I never wanted to have a credit problem again.
This left me in a bit of a pickle when I tried to get a mortgage.
In desperation, I called Tom Copland who does a broadcast I've listened to for several years.
I wondered, could the Bible Finance have some advice for me?
To my pleasant surprise, Tom, himself, called me back right away and also  referred me to a person who arranges mortgages for several banks.
Unfortunately, this person was not able to help me with my problem either, but that's another story.
What's the story here?
Tom Copland is a caring individual who responds to his listeners with concrete Biblical based financial solutions.
If you are in the Barrie Ontario area, you may want to check out his upcoming workshop titled "Debt Reduction God's Way" on Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 1 PM at Inniswood Baptist Church in Barrie, Ontario,  - that's  Ontario Canada.
upcoming workshop titled "Debt Reduction God's Way" on Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 1 PM at Inniswood Baptist Church in Barrie, Ontario, Canada .
or future needs.
What is this workshop about?

Sunday, 18 December 2016

My Christmas Struggle!

Christmas - To Celebrate or Not?

Today's post was inspired by an email to Laura B. who sends me amazing uplifting emails through the year.
Are you conflicted about Christmas?

 I have been struggling with the whole Christmas celebration thing .
I am feeling very torn.

I grew up loving everything about Christmas.
So, how did I lose my joy in celebrating Christ?

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Who Am I? Who Are You?

My Christian Contemplations Readers -Who are You?

Recently, I was asked to introduce myself in a Google Plus Christian group.
This got me wondering who are you?
Do you know who you are?