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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fibromyalgia - Gone : Holy Spirit -In [Reflections] John14:16-17

How Has the Holy Spirit Blessed Your Life?

August 13, 2011 God Healed me of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, a thyroid condition, and a host of other problems. The curse was lifted from me and the Holy Spirit entered to fill the space where that curse had been. Was I given the gift of tongues at that time? No. Not till later. 
What did I receive?
What I did receive was a gift much better than that,  a gift that prepared me to receive more from God. A gift that later saved my physical life more than once. The Comforter. The Counsellor.The Teacher.

Before Christ healed me, 

I could not
walk for more than half-a-block without my hips seizing,
could not
lift a mug with one hand,
could not
use a spoon without my hand trembling - soup in a bowl was my nemesis.
could not
bear even a slight touch. Even the touch of a feather on one of my trigger points was enough to send such pain through my body I would be screaming and crying with the torment.
could not
sleep peacefully
At times my muscles would twist themselves into such knots they pulled my knees out of joint in my sleep and I would have to pull them into place. 

August 13 2011 Christ healed me.

Christ removed Fibromyalgia from my life. At first I didn't even know I had been healed. I felt no different. Then a woman in the crowd hugged me. 
Hugged me? 
Readers who have experienced the pain of Fibromyalgia like I did, will know this in itself was a miracle. 
"Quick, do me a favour," I pleaded "Squeeze my wrists!" My wrists had been the most sensitive touch points. 
Puzzled, she squeezed. 
"Thank you Jesus!"I exclaimed "Thank you Jesus! I've been healed!"
My 13 year old came running up to me, and I swung her up into my arms. My miracle that I had not been able to hold.

Crucified With Christ

When God Healed me, I had an experience. An experience that I was hesitant to share with anyone, an experience that seemed almost sacrilegious to claim it.  An experience which later I read Paul refer to in his writings. Who was I, to have had such an experience? 
What did I receive when I was crucified with Christ?
I was filled with a new joy and longing, a new perspective on life. I was filled with excitement about what God had done for me. The Holy Spirit gave me a new longing to draw closer to God, and to live my life in obedience to Him. I was willing to accept God's will.
My faith in God's love was rewarded with a miracle early Monday morning that still blows me away, but that's another story.

Holy Spirit - Gift of Tongues

John 14:16-17 And I will ask the Father to send you another Comforter that will be with you forever - The Spirit of Truth  whom the world cannot accept, because it does not see Him nor know Him.  But you know Him, because He lives within you.  Be Comforted!
Jesus Promised A Comforter John 14 16-17
A few weeks later, I was given the gift of a spiritual language, which when I opened my mouth in obedience, flowed, along with increasing interpretations of the language. It puzzled me. I had taught my Sunday school class about Pentecost, but I had never experienced it. To me it was something that happened a long time ago. I had never met anyone else that prayed or sang in a spirit language before.
Each morning, I awoke with a Bible reference in my mind. When my new life began, I didn't even know if the passages placed in my mind were even in the Bible - daily I discovered they were -and the passages strengthened me to help me through that day. I remember one morning having a reference to Noah, and thinking "I know there is a Noah in the Bible. Is there actually a book named Noah too?"
The Holy Spirit began to teach me, with daily scriptures, urging me to explore God's word and learn about the gifting I had received. 
In John 14:16-17 , Jesus made a promise. Jesus said He would send a teacher, and comforter to us - the Holy Spirit. Invisible to the world, but dwelling within us.
The Holy Spirit has been both to me - teacher and comforter.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story of healing! Praise God! I have Fibromyalgia as well and I'm believing for healing too. It has not yet happened but I recently started a blog on My Journey with Faith and Fibromyalgia. I am very new at it but hope to meet other Christians with Fibro as well. You can find my blog at Thanks for giving us all hope that Fibro can indeed be healed through Jesus Christ! How are you doing now?

    1. The Fibro I had is truly gone, and I am truly thankful. I have had occasional twinges when the evil one tried to get me to lose faith in my healing, but a few quick words of prayer and assertion in my belief in my healing through Christ, and the twinges disappear. Satan and his minions cannot stand the name of Christ.


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