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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Billy Burke Healing Services Toronto August 2014!

Healing Services - Has Christ Healed You Too?

Billy Burke is going to be at healing services tonight and tomorrow in Toronto Ontario. Who is Billy Burke, and what happens at a healing service?  What are your views and experiences with healing? Today's post has some information, scriptures, personal experiences and reflections.
I'd love to read your experiences and reflections too.

Healing Evangelist Billy Burke  - Toronto Services

From Pastor David Cook:
Healing Evangelist Billy Burke will be at the Touching Toronto  Miracle Healing Crusade at Canada Christian College this Sunday at 6:30 pm and Monday at 7:00 pm with doors opening 45 minutes before the start of each service. Pastor David Cook invites you to be a part of what God is doing in Toronto at these powerful meetings. as the Holy Spirit touches multitudes of people, giving them hope once again. Faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR! For directions and details, go to:  You are urged to invite anyone needing salvation, healing, deliverance or a miracle. 
"Come expecting your MIRACLE!"~ Pastor David Cook

Who is Billy Burke?

Healing  Evangelist Billy Burke in white suit with microphone
Healing Evangelist Billy Burke
Billy Burke was healed of terminal cancer at age nine, when his grandmother took him to a Katherine Kuhlman healing service. Miss Kuhlman called Billy out of the crowd and asked him, “Do you believe?” When she touched him, in a moment, all the cancer was gone.
When Billy entered his teenage years, despite still being very aware of the voice of the Holy Spirit and what God had done through the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman; young Billy drifted the way of the world. His mother and grandmother continued to pray for him, and he felt his grandmothers prayers helping him even in his darkest days.
Suddenly, at age 19, Billy’s younger brother was killed by a drunk driver. This tragedy shook Billy, and he began searching for the reason for why he was spared of a horrible disease and his younger brother was taken. It was at this point that Billy received a call from Kathryn Kuhlman's secretary and asked to share the testimony of his healing years earlier.  This was the beginning of Billy's path back to God. After completing studies at Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, California, Billy began the ministry for which the Holy Spirit had been preparing him.
God now uses Billy Burke around the world. Testimonies of physical miracles and deep emotional inner healings continue to confirm that the Healing Jesus still lives and moves today through the vessel of Billy Burke at crusades, through television broadcasts, on the radio and online. For more information on Billy Burke please visit

Miracle Healings - Biblical Proof

God has healed many people, and still heals today through the Holy Spirit.
Where is the Biblical proof? Bible verses abound with passages about miracle healings in both the first and new testament. Which healings are you most familiar with? Christ with the five lepers? The woman cured of the issue of blood?
Less familiar are some of the promises Christ made his followers about the miracles that would be done after His Crucifixion. Mark 16:15 "They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Luke 9:1;Mark 6:7,13; Matthew 10:1; Matthew 10:6
After Christ's Crucifixion, Christ's apostles and followers continued His healing ministries.  Acts 19:11Paul; Acts 28:8 Philip Acts 8:6; Acts 14:3; Matthew 16:19; 1 Corinthians 12:4 This last verse means the Holy Spirit manifests the power to heal someone through any believer at anytime.
Not only can God Heal He still does today! Do you know someone who was healed? If you're reading this, you do now.

My Personal Healing Experiences - Counting My Blessings

God has healed me from so many things throughout my life, and in the past three years the healings I've received have been much more dramatic and personal. Here are just a few of the healings I've received.
As a very young child, I was healed of an extremely  high fever when my mother cried out in frustration to God. Ever since then I have felt a closeness with God, but until Aug 13 2011, he seemed somehow remote.
As a young mother, God healed me of a blood clot in my leg after asking minister to pray for me in Peterborough Civic Hospital.
Three years later, when people were dying of Meningitis God healed me again at Peterborough Civic Hospital.
Then after 16 years of bareness - God gave me my youngest child. 
The most public healing I received was during Omemee Outreach at the Beach sponsored by Omemee Christian Outreach when I was healed of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, a Thyroid condition, and Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder through the prayers of A Cuban evangelist, and Pastor John Benschop. A healing that was later medically verified.
Next, I was healed of permanent nerve damage to my face at a Joan Hunter Ministries Healing Service at Victory Christian Centre in Port Perry through the prayers of the woman sitting next to me. These two healings brought me into a closer relationship with God than I'd ever had before.
God gave me a divine appointment with my ex-husband at 2:30 am at Mac's Milk in 2012 so the Holy Spirit could heal me of an emotional burden. The removal of this burden was even physically obvious to  the woman working the cash register at the time.

Miraculous Healings - Brought Back from Death

After God saved me from the dog attack in 2013, I received some very amazing healings:
First, escaping physical death and living despite the doctors and nurses predictions.Thanks to the prayers of many warriors including Evangelist Richie Gillingham, Ralph Whyte, Paul and Shelley, and the prayer team at Victory Christian Centre Port Perry.
More and more people started praying for me when my story hit international headlines. I truly believe it was the prayers of so many that saved me, and set my many healing miracles in motion.
Next, I began my 3 am appointments with the Holy Spirit on the couch where I had been laid to die. First- being able to walk without the aid of a cane.
My 2nd 3am appointment was a huge hematoma disappearing before my eyes so I could sit.
My 3rd 3am appointment was a gift of a promise. That morning when the pain in the over 100 sutures was numbed for a night and I was physically lifted and rolled onto the stitches by the Holy Spirit.
The most blessed healing was the removal of the PTS when Sandra Berry was lead to pray for its removal.
The most dramatic physical healing was a large open wound on my hand closing right before the eyes of four witnesses after Stuart Broughm was lead to pray for me at Omemee Christian Outreach.
Two very welcome healings I received were when Revivalist George Jenkins prayed for me to filled with the Joy of the Lord. Each time, I laughed for two hours straight giving me relief from the persistent pain. This let my brain rewire itself away from the constant pain cycle, and reduced the inflammation in my wounds.
Lastly, when doctors determined they would need to cut my leg open and remove the persistent infection Harold was lead to pray for my leg, and the infection disappeared overnight -this was verified by ultrasound.
So, do I believe in miracle healings?
What do you think?

Healings By God or By Satan?

When I was first healed of Fibromylagia, I was surprised by people's reactions, some simply shrugged and said "I hope it sticks." What? Did they think it was a piece of spaghetti that you fling against the wall? 
I was also shocked when a local Baptist minister insisted my healing was from Satan, because I was not totally healed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. 
"What of the thorn in Paul's side?" I asked. [See 2 Corinthians 12: 7 -8] 
"Oh, that's just an allegory," he replied, adding "Paul didn't really have a thorn in his side." 
Hmm.. seems to me people tend to interpret the Bible to fit their own agendas as to which parts are literal and which parts are symbolic. 

How Do You Know if a Healing is of God? 

There are two things that I look for when I hear about healing services. They both have to do with attitude.
First, where is the Glory being given? Is the person acknowledging they are merely a vessel or a conduit? Do they encourage you to pray for others anywhere at anytime?Are they shouting "Look what God did!" 
Are they patting themselves on the back saying "Look what I did!" Do they say "I healed" or "My prayers healed" Are they creating a mistique around healing? Are they placing themselves above others due to healings that take place when they pray for others?
Which of these two types of healings do you think are of God?
Second, be wary of people who are looking for payment in order to heal you. I'm not talking book sales, or speaking engagement fees. The worker needs to eat, and everyone's time is worth something. However, listen very carefully to the words. Will you only be healed after you buy a certain item at a price above market value?
There are people God legitimately uses to heal others, and there are others driven by greed, and fame - this is not of God.

What Happens at a Miracle Healing Service?

 If you check YouTube, you can find videos of people sharing how they were healed at healing services, and home alone.
Prior to attending Omemee Christian Outreach at the Beach, I had never attended a healing service. My church background was mostly people sitting in quiet rows listening to a sermon. Healing services were quite new to me. Are you wondering what happens at a Christian healing service?

Miracle Services What to Wear?

Healing services can take many different formats, but most of the recent services I've attended have a few things in common. Most healing services are very active and upbeat. I suggest wearing clean comfortable clothes and highly recommend you not wear a dress or skirt. There is usually a Praise and Worship team - often with electronic instruments vs your traditional choir and organ. The words may be shown on a large screen, so everyone can have their hands free to clap or raise their hands.

Miracle Services - What Happens

You'll often find people dancing or using large flags in the aisles. Other things you may also see are people who feel lead to run around the congregation, remove their shoes, or sit on the floor and burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Others may cry, and still others be speaking in their "Spirit language". Some may speak prayers loudly, or share visions they have. Someone may feel lead to approach you and ask if they can pray for you. If you are not comfortable having someone place their hands on you for prayer, you do not need to have them touch you. Many people believe a reputable man will not place his hand directly on a woman's body, but ask her female relative to place their hand between themselves and the woman.

Miracle Services - The Main Speaker

After the praise and worship team, the main speaker usually shares a message about the healing power of Christ. Then there will be a time when people with certain ailments are asked to raise their hand, or cone to the front. First, individuals will receive prayer, then groups of people.Whether you go to the front or not, you may become "Slain in the Spirit" or "Filled with the Joy of the Lord". If this happens you will suddenly find yourself on the floor - hence the importance of wearing pants. I recommend going to the front where there are "catchers" to help you if you do become "Slain in the Spirit". Usually catchers will also cover you with a short sheet, and make sure someone doesn't accidentally step on you.

Miracle Services - Offering

The offering will be announced, and the praise and worship  team will play during collection. The collection helps pays for the rental of the building, speaker transportation, etc. The important thing about the collection is to ask God for your miracle, "seed in" Whether you have a great deal you can give, or it is just a "widows mite", give expecting God to give you a return, just as a farmer expects a crop.

Miracle Healing Services-Wrap Up

After the offering, the speaker will often touch on the importance of praying for each other, and how to protect your healing from being stolen from you. The speaker will call individuals to the front again, and then larger groups.
After the final altar call, people will be welcomed to browse the books and souvenirs.

Miracle Healing Services - Should You Go?

Not all healing services are alike, but they are all worth attending at least once. It will develop your powers of discernment, and may open the eyes of your heart to seeing the miraculous. Whether you choose to attend a healing service or not, May God bring you healing at the timing that is best for you.

What are your experiences with healing services? I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a note in the comments below.

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May God Bless you as you bless others,

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