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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Jerusalem Hand Carved Olived Wood Gifts Available Now!

Amazing Find! Hand Carved Olive Wood Holy Land Gifts!

Scripture::Psalm 52:8" I am like a green olive tree...."

Are you looking for a unique gift for a fellow Christian?
These unique Olive wood handcrafted gifts from the Holy Land were placed across my path in an unusual way.
If you do purchase a gift through one of these links, please comment below with contact information, so I may send you a thank you.
Perhaps, this is an answer to your prayers.
How did I discover these  hand crafted olive wood gifts?
Well, it happened like this.
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Discovering Hand Carved Olivewood Gifts from Jerusalem

 The other morning, I posted a prayer request on Facebook, then almost immediately I received a rather interesting dream that I  am still writing out.
When I awoke, The Jerusalem export company was placed across my path while searching for Wood Carving Tools and Wood Carving Lessons to post as links on a post about Omemee Carver Gerald Guenkel.
I was amazed to find this Jerusalem hand carved Olive wood Portrait of Mary, Jesus and Joseph show up in my first results.
Hand Carved Olive Wood Joseph,Mary,and Jesus Click for details

 Even more amazing, when I applied to be an affiliate, I  was immediately accepted!
Normally, being accepted as an affiliate takes anywhere from one day to two weeks!
Since, I truly believe everything happens for a reason, I  am sharing this information with you.Perhaps this Jerusalem hand carving group will be the answer to one of your prayers.

image hand carved wooden Cross on light  blue circle Hand made Gifts from the Holy Land
See More Olive wood Carvings Click the Banner Above

May Our Father Bless you so you can sow seeds to lead more souls to THE TRUTH! 
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