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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Have you Ever Been Supernaturally Transported? Calling Dove Company Members!

Are You Called to the Dove Company?

Several years ago, I was supernaturally transported into a car that was flipped upside down on a highway. My presence in the car was later confirmed by the occupant of the car. Until watching It's Supernatural with Sid Roth, it was an experience I treasured in my heart. Some people call this Supernatural Translation. Have you ever been Supernaturally Translated or Transported too? We're not alone in this experience.
James Maloney related a  similar experience on Sid Roth - It's Supernatural. James also shared a revelation of a calling for people to have experiences like this and work for God. What is this revelation?
Read on for details of my experience, and watch the Sid Roth episode that gave me the courage to share my experience.

Supernaturally Transported - James Maloney

Calling Dove Company Members!
The other day, I was lead to watch It's Supernatural with Sid Roth for the first time. In this program, James Maloney shared many supernatural experiences including being supernaturally transported to Russia to heal people who had limbs blown off by land mines.  
Sid asked him"How do you know this was not a pizza dream?" 
See this Supernatural transportation miracle at point 11:59 in the video below and find out how James Maloney knows this was not a pizza dream
James Maloney Supernaturally Transported -God's Dove Company

Supernaturally Transported - My Confirmed Experience

James Maloney was the first person I ever heard speak about the same type of miracle I experienced, when I was teaching in Toronto.
One night,  I found myself suddenly transported from my living room into a dark and cold car that was upside down on a freeway. I could hear a woman moaning in the car.
I reassured her, "I'm a Christian. You're going to be fine. Help is on its way." encouraging her to keep talking to me.
Then I heard sirens and I was back in my home, chilled and my clothes were drenched.
The next morning, I told a fellow teacher, Wendy Harvey, that I'd had a very strange dream the night before. I described the interior of the car to her in great detail. For some reason the dash board had made a very vivid impression on my mind.
A couple of days later, another teacher, Eve, came to my classroom.
"Wendy said you had a strange dream the other night, could you tell me about it? Eve asked.
After I related my dream to Eve, she pulled out a sheaf of photos. The dashboard of the car I'd seen was in the pictures. I was shocked.
 "Where did you get these photos?" I gasped, adding," That was the car I was in!" 
"I know," Eve replied, "I'm the woman who was in the car. My car flipped on black ice on the 401. I asked the rescue squad where the woman was who had been first on the scene, but they couldn't find you. The emergency crew said the reason I was alive was that I had kept talking, and it kept me from going into shock. Thank you." 
This was my first experience that someone verified of my being transported to where I was needed. Another experience I had was when I suddenly found myself and my car in a strange subdivision while driving to work. Frustrated at having to find my way back to my usual commute, when I got back on my route I discovered if I'd arrived at the one lane bridge minutes earlier, I could have bee in a terrible crash.
Have you ever been  Supernaturally Transported like Paul and Phillip in the Bible?

Supernaturally Transported - Biblical Examples

There are several biblical examples of people being supernaturally being transported. After Phillip baptised the Eunuch in Acts 8: 38- 40, for example, he was caught up by Spirit of the Lord  and supernaturally transported to Azotus. 
Ezekiel, was not only Supernaturally transported in space, but in time. Ez 3:12, 7:3, 11:1, 43:5.
The servant of Ahab complains in 1 Kings 11-12 that he fears for his life if he tells Ahab that Elijah is there;because the Spirit of the Lord might transport Elijah away, and his master Ahab would kill him. Elijah  apparently was transported so frequently that when his servants to the prophets Elijah wasn't there they sent out 50 men to look for him, suggesting that the Spirit of the Lord might have transported him to some mountain or valley. 2 Kings 2:16-18. 
Paul wasn't sure if he was transported in the flesh or just in the spirit and wrote about his experience in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4.

Supernaturally Transported - Other Historical Examples

Martin de Porres d. 1634 spent his entire life in a monastery in Lima Peru, yet he was seen in countries all over the world. One of the most well documented, incidents was when he appeared in Mexico when a desperately ill merchant cried out "Oh my God why isn't my good friend Brother Martin here to take care of me when I am so ill?" Martin appeared, prescribed medicine and disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived. The merchant searched Mexico for his friend when he recovered, but it wasn't until he returned to Lima that he understood what had happened - Martin had never left Peru.
Mary of Agreda d.1666 was transported to New Mexico to teach the First Peoples. Although she taught in her native Spanish, they understood her , and she understood them. The First Nations Peoples called her  "The Lady in Blue" after the blue mantle she wore. The nun told them to go and find the Brothers who had journeyed to the New World and be baptised. A group of 50 found the Brothers and explained what they wanted. The brethren found them well instructed in the faith and mystified searched for eleven years for the nun who had instructed them in the faith. Finally Fray Benavides finally found Mary, who had never left Spain, but knew many details that could not have been known if she had not been transported.
Francis Xavier, d. 1552  a university professor and aristocrat turned missionary. was simultaneously seen preaching in several locations.

Supernatural Transportation - Modern Examples

Ian Johnson of New Zealand likens Supernatural Transportation to undercover recognisance. No borders are closed to you, and age or health are no barrier to those who are doing God's work. Beginning in 2006, Ian was transported to Portugal and several places within New Zealand. 

Have you ever been supernaturally transported?I'd like to hear about your experiences. Please drop me a comment and share your experiences too.
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May God Bless you and bring you the PeCe that Passes Understanding,,

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