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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Whom Would You Ask For on Your Death Bed?


Dying - have you ever been there? Had doctors and nurses sure you would not make it? This is my experience,
and I would like to set things straight.

August 13, 2013, Ross Memorial Hospital Lindsay Ontario

"We're losing her! We're losing her!" they shouted. "Hand her a phone to say good-bye to her daughter!
[You idiots,] I thought, mid-prayer [Don't you know anything about first aid? You're not supposed to talk like that around me. You're supposed to encourage me! You're supposed to say things like - Just a few more minutes. You're doing great- hang in there! You're a lucky lady!]
 They handed me the phone - "It's your daughter." 
My eyes blazed angrily, [I am not going to believe what you are saying. God wants me to live!] 
They held a phone across my blood-soaked body.
"Hello?"It was my 15 year old at Bible study.
[Thank God!] "Elizabeth?" I gasped " It's Mum. Chow Nui bit me. Call Pastor Benschop, Richie Gillingham, and Ralph Whyte, tell them I NEED PRAYER NOW!"  
I passed the phone back, and continued to pray.

Whom Would You Ask to See on Your Death Bed? 

When they told me I was dying in hospital, did I ask to speak to the labour board?
I asked to see a minister, I needed prayer.
Whom would you ask to see?
Have you ever been in a situation where doctors and nurses were insisting you would die? If it ever happens to you, know this -
you have a choice what to believe.
August 13th, 2014 - a day neither my daughter nor I will soon forget. When the hospital staff were done with me, I had over 100 sutures in the right side of my body.
August 13th, was the day God saved my physical life - when absolutely no one else could have helped. That day will probably also be etched in the minds of hospital staff who struggled to get a blood sample before they could work, drivers who found me by the side of the road, and ambulance crew who picked me up.
 It is also the day a large number of amazing healing miracles began to be worked in my body and mind to restore me to health.
You see, I was the 53 year old woman who hit international headlines, after my adventure with a 275 pound dog, and I would like to set the story straight.