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Monday, 4 August 2014

Deliver Us from Evil 2014 - Decorated NYPD Sarge Battles Real Evil! Reel Good Movies Playlist

Deliver Us From Evil : Are You Ready for Battle? 

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WARNING: Only watch "Deliver Us From Evil" if you are ready to make a decision. - Message from Ret. NYPD Sgt. Ralph Sarchie Demonologist and Messenger.
Today- Reflections on: R- rated Sony Pictures "Deliver Us From Evilby Scott Derrickson; the true story behind the film:Beware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchieby Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool; the making of the "Deliver Us From Evil"; and precautions you may wish to take before exposing yourself or your family.
Are you ready for battle?

Discovering "Deliver Us From Evil"

"Deliver Us From Evil"- how did a horror-detesting Christian end up researching an R- rated horror movie? A misclick of the mouse while researching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", lead me to the"Deliver Us From Evil" horror trailer. Not clicking away, and discovering the true Christian story behind the movie was a miracle in and of itself.
Reel Good Movies: Deliver Us From Evil 2014
Wow! "Deliver Us From Evil"is based on Beware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchie- true experiences of a decorated Christian Police Sergeant who battles primary evil, just hours from where we live.
How can an R-Rated Horror movie be Christian?  How true is this movie? Is this a movie I might want to see? Would I recommend it to others? Detesting horror movies from childhood, I had no idea of the potential horror has for carrying Christian messages, but then my experiences might be classified as horror too. "Deliver Us From Evil" is not a fluff piece, nor a way to glamorise evil - it is a wake up call. 

"Deliver Us From Evil" - Behind The Scenes

"Deliver Us From Evil" written and directed byScott DerricksonSee more Movies by Scott Derricksonis based onBeware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchiethe true experiences of decorated NYPD New York Police Sergeant Ralph Sarchie who protected and served his city for 18 years. 
Decorated NYPD Sgt Ralph Sarchie circa 1990 fought secondary and primary evil in New York City
Decorated NYPD Officer Ralph Sarchie Demonologist 
By day, Sarchie battled the manifestation of evil on the streets, and by night - true evil as a religious demonologist. 
Now retired from the police force, Sarchie continues his fight against crime - battling demons. Some of Sarchie's early experiences battling crime and demons are in Beware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil true crime experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchie, which he co-wrote with Lisa Collier Cool a former literary agent. 
On the YouTube channel, SarchieNYC Sarchie begins his clip Deliver Us From Evil -Sarchie with a straight talk apology:
Deliver Us From Evil - Ralph Sarchie New York Gives Strait Talk Apology
Ralph Sarchie Religious Demonologist Straight Talk About Evil
"I should 've told ya this right upfront. You've become involved in exposing the devil , becuz of this film here." 
"You've singled yourself out now. Who do you think Lucifer's gonna be lookin' at? When you stood up an gave him the finga? ... Well, that's basically what ya do when you expose the devil. Y're standin' up and y're goin' - YO!
"There's only one way to really combat that, and you already know what that is, an that's strictly up to you."
YouTube channel SarchieNYC, clips show Ralph Sarchie, his family and colleagues relating background information about Sarchie, attacks that came against their family, and inside glimpses into his avocation - battling evil. In Halloween, the first chapter of Sarchie's book, he emphasises he does not charge for helping people.
One of Ralph Sarhie's Daughters
Sarchie "Was real tough" Former Rookie Cop
Sarchie's Mother - Sarchie Experienced Miracle Healing at 10 Months 
Mark Stabinski- Canon Law Expert Demonology Investigator

"Deliver Us From Evil" - Sarchie Family Under Attack

"Deliver Us From Evil" trailer shows Sarchie's young daughter experiencing a supernatural demonic attack. This is the one aspect of horror that really gives me heebie jeebies - inanimate toys attacking children. In real life, Sarchie's daughter experienced a demonic attack, though not the sequence portrayed in the movie. Has your family experienced demonic attacks? Sarchie and his daughter relate several different demonic attacks they've experienced and witnessed in his YouTube. Pictures flying across the room, screams, and scratching noises, are some of the demonic manifestations cited. In the first chapter ofBeware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchie- Halloween, Sarchie also describes demonic manifestations. [I've heard others in ministry speak of similar attacks against them and their families. Have you experienced evil attacks against your family? Many active Christians do.]

"Deliver Us From Evil" - How Does Sarchie Battle Evil?

"Deliver Us From Evil" shows the use of traditional Catholic exorcism tools, like those in clips of Sarchie's battles against demons. Sarchie's video clips show him using these time- honoured Catholic church exorcism tools in his fight against demon possession of homes, and people: Incense, The Bible, Holy Water, a Crucifix, Religious Medals, and Prayer.
Sarchie demonologist using incense and religious medals in exorcism
Holy Medals and Incense
Crucifix and Exorcism Prayer
Exorcised Water with Blessed Salt Added
Sarchie emphasises - "Bullets don't hurt demons - these are the bullets demons feel." 
The emphasis on physical tools for removing demons is something I find a bit difficult to understand. In my biblical readings, I don't remember Christ casting out demons using any of these tools - simply rebuking the demon and casting it does say the apostles used anointing oil. In Biblical translations I've read, Christ emphasised the importance of prayer and fasting for driving out demons. However, at the same time, I also recognise the importance of the passage where Christ states a house divided against itself will not stand. So for me, the most important question is do the tools work, or do the tools help increase the faith of the people doing the work, or is something evil misleading people into thinking these tools work?

"Deliver Us From Evil" - The Making of The Movie 

Researching "Deliver Us From Evil" through YouTube was like peeling an onion, discovering details through interview after interview. I was surprised to learn writer / director Scott Derricksonis a Christian specialising in writing and directing horror. Scott did not want to create a typical horror movie.
Deliver Us From Evil Writer -director Scott Dickerson reveals his knowledge of the magic of words
Scott Derrickson Deliver Us From Evil 2014 Quote
Scott, a St. Francis crucifix wearing Presbyterian, was aiming for a specific audience with "Deliver us From Evil"- and from reviews, it certainly looks like he hit his mark. "Deliver Us from Evil" is markedly different from other exorcism movies - being more a more action-based - cop thriller than his court room drama -The Exorcism of Emily RoseSee The Exorcism of Emily Rose Videos. Why would a Christian write horror? 
"Horror allows a movie to examine good and evil in a way that other genre do not," shares Scott in his interview with Reel Faith.
Even the exorcist played byÉdgar Ramirezis not typical your Irish zealot battling hell, but a Latin American priest with compassion for others and a calling for helping others. Ramirez emphasizes this compassion for people whether suffering infliction from mental illness or demonic attack in his interviews. Scott Derricksonin his interview with Reel FaithReel Faith Movie Reviews Magazineshares the important role Édgar Ramirez played in the development of his character AND a very surprising vocal addition Édgar Ramirez made to the script. 

"Deliver Us From Evil" - Book Adaptation

Scott Derricksonfirst readBeware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchieby Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool, while preparing the script for The Exorcism of Emily RoseSee The Exorcism of Emily Rose Videos, and started his script for Deliver Us From Evil, in 2003 but wasn't satisfied with his writing. After meeting with Ramirez and discussing the role of the exorcist, Derrickson regained enthusiasm for the script. So how are the book and movie related?
Beware the Night - True Crime Inspiration
for Deliver Us From Evil
InBeware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchie, Ralph Sarchie contrasts secondary evil with the primary evil he helps a bishop and priest fight in New York City. Examples are not for the squeamish: Secondary evil- a dead infant dragged across a floor by its umbilical cord between the legs of a drugged out woman who didn't realize she'd given birth. See the free preview chapter ofBeware the NightBeware the Night Real Evil experiences by NYPD Ralph Sarchie for more examples. Sarchie also touches on how demons lure people into being possessed, and fool them into believing New Age philosophies. Since Beware the Night is an anthology of true cases Sarchie worked on, Derrickson had the challenge of weaving those cases into a narrative, while capturing the essential Sarchie - a tough New York cop. Sarchie played an integral part in the development of the movie, as the on-set cop consultant, making police scenes credible.
Sarchie notes the movie contains messages, and parts of his real life, albeit in different contexts. However, the movie character of Ralph Sarchie is fictional - for example the real Ralph Sarchie never murdered anyone. With distinct differences between the book and the movie, I would definitely want to read the true crime cases -then see the movie. What would you recommend?
What does Sarchie hope the movie will do?
"If one or two people that see it, really get it and say wow, y' knowI never looked at it like that, and I believe what this guy is sayin',  and II believe in his beliefs, in his faith, what his faith says, Then you've now become an active participant, in that person now, goin' back to God. The devil hates that shit."

"Deliver Us From Evil" - Protecting Your Family 

Various things can bring evil into our lives, even a brush with the occult. With my past connections, and some of the experiences we've been through, many Christians have said our family is under demonic attack. How do you protect your family from evil forces? How do you get rid of demons?
Advice we've received includes:
  • Conducting communion outside at night with sacramental wine and pouring it on the ground.
  • Using anointing oil at night on all openings in the property and house.
  • Seeking out and burning any possible items associated with the occult that may be in our home.
But what does the Bible say about ridding a family of demons? 
Job in the First Testament was under demonic attack, yet he remained faithful to God through everything. In 1 Chronicles 16 :11 David charged Asaph and other priests to "seek the face of the Lord in all things" not just big decisions, but in our day to day small decisions too. I've learnt from drastic experience the importance of this wisdom.
How did Jesus get rid of demons?
Jesus charged his disciples to cast out demons, just as He did - rebuking the demons. 
Why could they not cast out some demons?
Because of their unbelief. 
How did he recommend increasing faith?
Through fasting and prayer. [Mark 9:29, Matthew 17:21] 
How should we pray?
When asked to teach His followers how to pray, the pattern Christ gave them was The Lord's Prayer, which has the line "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil [or the Evil One]. Luke 11:1-13 Christ also admonished we should not repeat words, just for the sake of saying them.
Paul in writing to the Ephesians advises "Put on the  full Armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." and "Pray in the Spirit on all occasions and with all sorts of prayers." Ephesians 6: 10 -18
In my rudimentary understanding of the Bible, the most important part of ridding a home or person of demons, the person casting out the demons must have strong faith. Once the demons are removed though, it is up to the individual to fill that void with the Love of God, or the demon will return with seven worse than the original demon. Luke 11:26
The inter-denominational website Bible Resources has an excellent article -What Does the Bible say About Demons? examines what the Bible says, and gives some advice on removing demons.

"Deliver Us From Evil"- What Choice Will You Make?

"Deliver Us From Evil" do I want to see this R-rated horror movie? Yes, while I prefer not to be scared at movies, the interviews have my piqued my interest. However, first I want to read Sarchie's full accounts of his true experiences fighting demons in New York City. 
Deliver Us From Evil - What Will You Choose?
In addition, this is definitely a movie I will recommend to my sister and brother-in law both big fans of horror, supernatural, and crime thrillers.
More importantly, having heard this message, what choice will you make now?
Sarchie warns:
"Whether you believe in God or not, you must choose a side!" ~Ralph Sarchie

Here is the Playlist of Interviews I compiled while researching "Deliver Us From Evil".:
What choice will you make?
Watch Deliver us From Evil - The Interviews
Watch Deliver us From Evil - The Interviews
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