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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dreams of India?

Seeking Guidance in Dreams

Lately, I have not been remembering my dreams, which for me, is unusual. I've been searching desperately for a key. Last night I prayed, "Lord please show me the key in my dreams I need your help to find it."
Here is my dream from last night. In some ways, I want to cry, and in others ways it excites me. What do you think this dream means?

What is This Dream About?

My Christian Contemplations July 10 2014 Blue Chambray hastily tossed in a pile form my dream - A New Year?
Light Blue Chambray Lay on the Table
"See? See? Look! Look!"
A thin greying East-Indian woman excitedly holds a sheaf of glossy trifold pamphlets towards me.  Colourful photos of smiling women with children in tropical foliage are on each page. I cannot read the words in black ink.
Looking around, I see I'm standing in a large bright sunlit room - a school? ... But there are also a few cots.
Mothers and children are coming into the room. 
To the left, is a 1950's style [maple?] cupboard with silver elongated door handles - a pile of blue cotton [Chambray?] lies swirled atop its red arborite counter. The smiling woman darts to the low table in front of it.
 "You see Omemee? You see?" She enthusiastically holds up a name badge holder."They are bringing their children." 
She gushes pointing "Look here. The pamphlet says," She points to each word,"The- teachers -do -not -understand -your- child's -name, - you -must -show- them."
The name badge holder with its blue round braid cord, holds a white square. The square in this holder is divided in four by black lines. each quarter with a small sealed plastic pocket.

  • The top left corner, holds a gold coloured paste - like a Dijon mustard without the seeds, 
  • The bottom right corner, a slip of frayed deep royal blue silk. 
  • The bottom left? A solidified pearlized pink swirl of nail polish, 
  • The top right is white. 
A black script is across the top.
"You see Omemee? You see?' the older woman beams up at me.
I gaze around the room.  
Happy smiling, women in saris nod encouragingly at me from their crafting at low tables around the room. Some are creating name tags with their children, others cutting fabric, and still more at sewing machines. 
Thin black-haired children wearing light-blue short-sleeved cotton dress shirts flash bright white smiles - some teasing, some shy. Shining black eyes peek out shyly from where they cling to mothers' skirts. Tanned limbs dart quickly across the room in black shorts fetching items. 
"Look teacher! Look!" their strides convey. "See I am helpful."
I feel excited and overwhelmed.
 "Lord," I pray silently, "Help me. Are you sure I'm up to this challenge?"
It is the beginning of the school year. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
What do you think this dream means?

May God Bless you as you bless others,