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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Thanking God for Urgent Prayer Requests Online Prayer Warriors! Please Continue!

Need Prayer Urgently? URGENT Prayer Requests Wants to Help!

Last night I received a phone call that my 16 year old had taken 50 Extra Strength Tylenol and was in the Emergency Department at Lakeridge Health Oshawa. She was refusing charcoal and the IV treatment. I cried out to God, then began recruiting troops. Here is an update on what is happening, and some background about the situation.
Thanks for your prayers

URGENT Prayer Request Please Pray for Us!

My daughter says since December, a man's voice has been telling her to kill herself. She's been in and out of hospital since her first attempt in December following an MRI at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay Ontario. My16 year old was discharged from Lakeridge Health Oshawa hospital to Frontenac Youth and Family Services residential treatment program in Oshawa with the understanding that if she did any self-harm behaviour at all she would be immediately re-admitted to hospital. Frontenac Youth and Family Services have not kept their promise. People have been holding our family in prayer.

Phone Call No Parent Wants 

Last night at 10pm I received the following voice message:
" Hello this is Amy from Frontenac Youth and Family Services. I am calling to tell you Elizabeth told us she took 50 Extra Strength Tylenol.  We are in the Oshawa Emergency department waiting for her to be seen. I also called your other daughter, because I was the I was the only staff available at the time and could not go to the hospital with her."
This was my daughter's third suicide attempt under the supervision of Frontenac Youth and Family Services. A gamut of emotions ran through me. 
I cried out to God, as I dialled the number,
"I just talked to her at 8pm and she said Talk to you tomorrow! What on earth happened in the last two  hours? How did she get her hands on 50 Tylenol?"
"Sorry you have reached a number that has not been set up for voice mail messages...."
Did I dial the wrong number?
I called Frontenac's land line.
"Sorry, we cannot... if your call is of an urgent nature, please call.."
Yes that was the number I'd dialled.
Calling again.
"Hello? This is Elizabeth's mother returning your phone call"
"I'm sorry the phone is doing weird things, and is cutting in and out"
"This is Elizabeth's mother calling you back how is she?"
"Yes, Mrs. Sholer. How are you ?"
"Very upset." I exploded"How is my daughter? Has she been seen yet? How did she get her hands on 50 Tylenol under your care?
"I'm just the relief staff for the weekend, so I don't know everything about your daughter. She bought the Tylenol at Shoppers Drugmart. She has been seen but she is refusing the charcoal and IV."
"Why have they not restrained her and put the charcoal through her nose? "
"Sorry, you're breaking up."
"Why have they not put the charcoal through her nose like they did in Lindsay?"
"The nurses are consulting on what they should do since she is refusing treatment."
"How could she get Tylenol at Shoppers Drugmart if she was being supervised?"
"Well she had free community time that she earned."
"I told them she needed to be watched like a hawk, and she should not have any money. Why will you not listen to me?"
"I'm sorry but I am just a relief worker, and do not know anything about any conversations you had with Frontenac."
"Yes, I understand. I am not referring to you personally. Just trying to make you aware of the past problems. After her her second attempt in the care of Frontenac, I called the Ombudsman to try and have her removed from your care. The CAS even advised me to call the police and file a complaint about negligent care. I am going to make some phone calls to see if I can find some way to get to Oshawa. Please tell her I love her."
"I will, and I will call you with any updates."
"Thank you"

Rallying Prayer Warriors

"Oh Lord!"I cried out "Show me what to do!"I tried to listen for guidance then started rallying through all my contacts:
  • Called Ruth Ann Mullan a lay pastor who had helped me visit my daughter in Oshawa previously. RuthAnn headed to the hospital.
  • Message in URGENT Prayer Requests Group on Facebook
  • Facebook status for my friends
A freezing cold chill came over me "No Satan you shall not have my daughter! Get behind me!" Lord you promised in Psalm 103 my daughter would be protected though me. I am calling for your protection through the blood of Christ.  The cold chill vanished. I continued posting.
  • Prayer partners on Facebook, 
  • Christians on my Christian Twitter list who were online
  • I prayed "Lord help us!"
  • Audrey's name jumped at me from my phone list - left a message.
  • Norma's name on my phone list - 
Norma and I prayed together in the spirit and in the tongues of man, as responses came through:
  • Praying. 
  • I am praying and sending to our prayer chain. 
  • Done. 
  • Praying.
  • Praying.
Prayers were being lifted up on our behalf to God from around the world.

Prayers Answered

The phone rang. I could see it was Ruth Ann. I tried adding Ruth Ann to the conversation, but it didn't work. Norma got cut off.
I called Ruth Ann.
Ruth Ann shared that they let her in to see Elizabeth.
"I just opened my mouth and let God fill it with words," Ruth Ann shared. "She has agreed to the IV and charcoal."
Thank you God!
Thank you all for your prayers, and thank you Ruth Ann for letting God fill your mouth with words.
Do you have an urgent prayer request, and you need prayer warriors to spread the word?
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