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Monday, 12 January 2015

Prayers for Pakistan Showing Love for Hurting People!

Christian Contemplations on Prayers for Pakistan

Pakistan has been in the news continually with horrific reports of attacks on education. Children massacred. Women beaten for wanting an education. An expectant Christian couple burned alive. What can be done to help? For Revivalist George Jenkins, these horrific reports have underscored the importance of showing love to the people of Pakistan. George, a former British soldier, and former inmate, will be the keynote speaker at the weekly Omemee Christian Outreach dinner. where he will share information about the importance of loving Pakistan.
Disclosure: I received an advance copy of George Jenkins' book as a gift when our family was going through a very dark time. I also was blessed with the opportunity to hear George Jenkins speak, and experiencing a miracle at two events. Does this affect my opinion? Hmm.. would it affect yours?
When I think of the division between God's people that is being fanned into fury by evil, it brings to mind how Satan has used the sin of pride to fan flames of anger between God's people in the past. In particular between Sarai and Hagar.
Are you familiar with this historical account?

Sarai - Hagar and Ishmael - The Enmity Between Muslim and Others?

Have you ever read a book, and been yelling in your mind No! Stop! Don't do it! There is something inside me that wishes I could travel back through time, and stop Sarai before she makes that first prideful mistake. Would our world be much different if Sarai had not made that first prideful mistake?
Some point to the conflict in Genesis 16 between Hagar and Sarai as the beginning of conflicts between Muslims and other faiths. There are a lot of difficulties that seem to stem from pride.
First Sarai instead of waiting for God to give her the promised son decides to fix the situation herself by offering Hagar as a mother to a son for Abram, a sin against God at that time for Hagar was an idolator.When Hagar becomes pregnant, pride enters in again - we are told she begins to despise Sarai. This wounds the pride of Sarai who mistreats Hagar. Hagar runs away. It is the prophesy in Genesis 16:12 about the character of the baby Hagar is expecting that many point to as the root of the problem -Ishmael is going to live in conflict with everyone.

With such a longstanding conflict, is there a possibility for peace in Pakistan?
George Jenkins, a Canadian from Ontario feels called by God to help bring peace to the People of Pakistan and is travelling to Pakistan January 14 on a Loving Pakistan Mission.
Who is George Jenkins?

Revivalist George Jenkins - Transformed Warrior

Kawartha Lakes Events - Omemee:  Revivalist George Jenkins -On Mission of Love to Pakistan
George Jenkins knows first-hand what it is like to be filled with an anger and rage that wantonly destroys people. He also knows what it is like to be delivered from that anger and have it replaced by Christ's love and compassion for others. George Jenkins experienced a miraculous transformation,while incarcerated at Millhaven Penitentiary and became the first man to be ordained as a minister while in the Ontario Penal System. In one of his books, George Jenkins recounts the journey that took him from behind prison bars to showing the Love of Christ as a minister to all in terrorist-torn Ireland.
Reading a letter by an ancient soldier - Saul / Paul had a tremendous impact on George Jenkins. George writes:
"When I was in prison in 1983,  I remember looking in mirror with my Bible in one hand and the other empty. Looking at my image I spoke to the Lord after reading the passage about going to the world. It was the most impossible of situations considering the circumstances. I took the Scripture to heart. I spoke to the Lord saying. Here is my Bible Lord you put a passport in my other hand and I will go to the nations. Here am I Lord send me. When the door of the prison swung open for me I was off to my first country. I have never looked back ever since. So it was not just His love for one nation but for all. Since then I have ministered in 27 different nations of this world watching as He transformed lives."
Revivalist George Jenkins ministered in Ireland when terrorism was ripping the island apart.
Ulster was at her lowest ebb with fighting everywhere. As people answered their doors at night, they were shot in the face at point blank range.Others were blown to pieces when they started their cars to go to work in the morning.  
Does this sound to you like the reports we are receiving from Pakistan?
While in Ireland, George felt called to establish a church and invite all factions. At the Christmas service, children of both sides were present and all received gifts.
George Jenkins has experienced some personal amazing miracles, both alone, and with others. One very rare miracle was being translated through time with a group of Pastors to glimpse the peace that was come to Ulster.

Loving Pakistan - Bringing A Message of Love

One of the lessons George writes about learning in his book is to show the love of God to people of all religions, and denominations. George tells of how lives and even the economy of whole villages are transformed when the message of God's Love is brought to them. People are healed of leprosy, lame walk, blind see. When hope is restored crops even flourish. In India an outreach was inspired by a man who was beaten to death with a shovel for going town to town by bicycle and showing  a movie about Christ - a mission his wife continued after his death. Donations on that mission trip were used to extend that mission by purchasing ten motorcycles for churches to extend this Outreach.

Will the Loving Pakistan Mission that begins January14th help bring peace to Pakistan?
George is taking gifts to the schools and churches in Pakistan including several computers, beading materials for children to learn a useful trade, and funds to help churches photocopy Sunday School curriculum. The Mayor of Kitchener, George's home base in Ontario is even sending gifts to the people of Pakistan.  Posters are going up across LaHore announcing the Revival Fire Council Prayers for Pakistan meetings.

George Jenkins will be speaking at Omemee Christian Outreach at their weekly dinner meeting that begins at 6pm  Coronation Hall  Monday January 12th. He is also spoke at two services in Peterborough at Faith Harvest Church on Sunday January 11th.

For more information on the Loving Pakistan Mission trip please visit the Loving Pakistan Facebook Group.
James 5:16 tells us Earnest prayers are powerful. Will you join with me in prayers for Pakistan?
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