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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Could You Help Deliver God's Word?

Twitter - Christians Tweeting to Impact the World

Twitter message after Twitter message scroll upward and out,
upward and out.
upward and out.
Could YOU Deliver God's Word?

Upward and out
Could YOU deliver God's word?
Upward and out
A twitter pic in English - like a want ad from a newspaper in the 1800's or an ad in a silent movie sepia and blue.

Could YOU deliver God's Word? Matthew 25 35-40
An invitation, with a Scripture and a link to a website.
Coughing, I awoke struggling for breath acrid cigarette smoke burning my nostrils. Wave after wave of coughing, liquid from my lungs burble up. I'm drowning! I can't catch my breath. "
The puffer! The puffer!Air NOW! "my mind screams. I lunge toward the balcony door. Where had the smoke come from? I stood in the doorway trying to get fresh air.
"The PUFFER" my mind screamed again. I stumbled toward the general direction of where I thought the light switch was.
Found it!
 Light flooded the living room.
Coughing and hacking, eyes streaming, nose burning with my invisible nemesis, I lunged for my bag. "Where is it?
I shook the blue tube.
 I erupted in a spluttering cough, I couldn't hold it in.
"Lord! Help me!"a silent scream.
Hands shaking - another puff. This time it stayed.
More coughing, more liquid.
Where had the smoke come from?
Then it hit me - the scented candles, my friend's reluctance to have me come over.
Had Amber started smoking?
Oh no! Regrets washed over me. I had bulldozed my way past her reluctance into her apartment.
 "I only need a couch in a smoke free place for a couple of days. No your cat won't bother me. I just need out of the black mould and somewhere smoke free."I'd insisted.
I regretted not listening better.
"Lord,I missed the mark. I 'm a sinner, please help me listen better."
I needed to ask Amber's forgiveness for not being a better listener.
My nostrils burned, tears coursed down my cheeks - washing a path through the irritant.
 The coughing slowed.
"Thank you Lord!"
The dream. I need to write the dream.
So how did I get here?
Some of you know about the problems that brought me to my current flat, and the attempts I made to help remedy the situation. I'd connected the woman who owned the home with people and resources to fix the problems with her home, but it had been over a year, and she still hadn't done anything to remove the mould My breathing had been damaged in trying to help her and the doctor advised me at my last visit to keep my cell phone charged and on hand at all times as I may need an ambulance at any minute, and have to be intubated.
When I returned from the doctor, I felt like I was trying to breathe through a plastic bag. I needed air. In desperation I bulldozed my way onto Amber's couch, and her dad kindly picked me up.
Last night as I fell asleep I prayed "Lord, I need you more now than ever before. Open my eyes and give me discernment. Show me what it is you want me to do."
I wanted to celebrate God having blessed me, but how?
A miracle I'd been believing in had started to come through for me,with whom should I share this good fortune?
How should I share it?
The pizza bill I just paid nagged at me. I'd faced temptation and failed.
Let me rewind.
Earlier that evening, I gotten a very small part of my inheritance.
Automatically, I thought about first fruits tithing.What should I do?
My lungs were filling, I needed out of the flat that was filled with black mould and needed to get somewhere that was smoke free.
The church! The church is smoke free! I thought!
I called the church  excitedly and asked," How much do you charge for your emergency bed in the school house?
"Unfortunately,it's in use," was the reply.
Beverly, the Deacon's wife read an ad to me out of the paper It was per month though ,and I only needed a place for a few days…at least that was what I was hoping.
I needed some place that was non-smoking
We chatted briefly about the upcoming dinner concert and a change that needed to be made in the advertising, and a friend's name came up who had ordered a ticket.
"That's it! I exclaimed she's a non-smoker! I'll give her a call and see if she could use a couch surfer for a couple of days!, or maybe she'll know someone."
 I'd wanted to celebrate my good fortune, but first I needed to get out of where I was staying, my lungs were filling up
" Lord show me what to do with my tithes. Show me what would increase your Kingdom the greatest. What a foolish prayer, I immediately thought.
 Instead let me pray - "Lord I am planting a small seed, let this seed grow to increase your Kingdom in the same way a tiny acorn grows to a mighty oak or a tiny dandelion seed spreads a crop of yellow flowers across a field in a mere season. Bright and shining, lifting their heads. Lord I know you can use all things for good. Give me a sign to show me and guide my ways, for I am nothing without you."
As I drifted off to sleep, and dreamt of a twitter feed sending out a message automatially, over and over - Could you deliver God's Word?
A kind of a want ad, reaching out and offering an opportunity to anyone willing to retweet it.
Could you deliver God's Word? Matthew 25 35-40

Christian Tweeters

There are an increasing number of accounts on Twitter drawing attention to the salvation message, in interesting ways.  For example, several accounts , simply favourite one of your Twitter posts, then the sole tweet on their time line reads "Click here to find out why I favourited your tweet." The link leads to to a website with the salvation message. Pretty cool huh?
I've heard that some Christian twitter accounts are tweeting the Bible verse by verse, and yet other Christian Twitter accounts share Bible verses with a link to their contemplations on the verse. There are also some Christian Tweeters who share coupons or business advice interspersed with Bible verses. Some other Christians on Twitter do not openly Tweet Bible verses, but when you visit their website and read their "about" section, it contains their testimony of their walk with Christ.
I wonder which type of tweeting is the most effective?
Personally, as a Christian, I find the Tweeters who are sharing Bible verses encouraging and supportive. It is encouraging to know that the light is shining even in the darkness.
On the other hand I wonder which type of tweeting is effective for reaching those who have been wounded by people in the church.
It seems to me the only kind of "Christian" tweeting that does not increase His Kingdom are tweets that are full of condemnation.
People once asked a famous evangelist why their crusades were so successful - his reply?
"We focus on the message of the love of Christ, not what people are doing wrong. People already know in their hearts what they are doing wrong. They need to know they can be forgiven."[Paraphrased].
Are you looking for some Christian Twitter accounts to follow? Here are some lists of people who have identified themselves as Christians.:

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