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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

God Gives a Sign!

God Answers My Prayers With a Sign!

Have you ever asked God for a sign?  When I'd told Ann W. About my Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People dream, she prayed on it , then told me to read out Isaiah 61. When I read it I recognized it as a scripture that had been prophesied over me two years earlier. This post tells how I asked God for a sign and how He answered.
How did God answer? 

God Gives Me a Sign

Why I Needed To Visit My Doctor

I'd been having increasing problems with my right hip, it first stated as not wanting to work when I stood up after sitting a while, then it started "clunking" every few steps. I couldn't trust my hip on stairs. Finally I made an appointment with my doctor. the Friday before my appointment, I went for prayer at Victory Christian Centre. 
When I walked up to the altar, my hip clunked audibly every step of the way. After prayer? Hallelujah!  Going back to my seat - nothing! The clunk was gone.The next morning - nothing! "Jesus healed me! I don't need to go to the doctor! " I thought. No sooner were the words in my mind than -
"Well,"   I thought, "There must be some reason I need to go to the Dr.'s office." so we packed up for the trip to Toronto.
On the way to Toronto, a part of Isaiah 61 came into my mind and I began to mull it over.
"Lord it says, Refugees will till the soil. I don't know any refugees! How can I help refugees if I don't know any refugees. You're going to have to put the people in place. And besides that , how will I know if people are well enough to stay with me? I'm not a doctor. If you want me to do these things, you'll need to put the people in place. Lord give me a sign."
Note: Later I discovered that the verse actually says foreigners , strangers or aliens, but what came to my mind at that time was refugees. 

Free Medical Appointments for Refugees!

When  I arrive at my doctors office at the corner of Markham and Lawrence, I noticed a new sign has been posted:
image Sign Refugees who cannot afford to see a doctor for urgent medical care can bool an appointment to see Dr. Thomas Van for no charge.
Refugees who cannot afford to see a doctor for urgent medical care can book an appointment to see Dr. Thomas Van for no charge.
God had given me a sign! What a sense of humour God has!
What a miracle!
Firstly because - it was amazing to find out my doctor was helping refugees, secondly that there was an actual sign posted on his wall, and thirdly - I'd just asked God for a sign about refugees that morning!
The question was, would I have faith enough to say anything?
"Lord "I thought "Fill my mouth with the right words."
When I entered Dr. Van's office, I said, "God Bless you for what you are doing for the refugees! Have you started a non-profit foundation? "
"No," replied Dr. Van, "I don't have time for all the politics involved in setting one up. I don't need any recognition or anything. I just want to help people. It's terrible that our country welcomes refugees then doesn't give them medical coverage If someone else wants to start a non-profit, I'd be happy to be part of it."
I briefly shared the dream I'd had about the Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People and the Hôtel Dieu for Women. Then shared the  conversation I'd had with God, about refugees, leaving out the part about needing a doctor.

God Connects A Builder

"How far is this place from Lindsay area? "asked Dr. Van adding,"I'm up in the Little Britain area quite often now."
"Fauquier is about 7 1/2 hours north of Lindsay, and if you know anyone who might be interested, they're giving away free land to anyone who is willing to come and live there with their family." I shared.
Dr. Van's eyes widened with an expression of confirmation.
"That's not so far from Little Britain," he mused. "I could drive up there."
"What religion are you?" asked Dr. Van.
"Christian!" I replied.
"Me too!"exclaimed Dr. Van, taking a business card from the stand. Writing on the back of it,  he added "Here's the name and number of a Pentecostal pastor who is also a builder. He will be very interested in what you've told me!"
 @->---    ---<-@
God is putting people in place.

What God's Word Says About Refugees

While Isaiah 61:5 does not mention refugees, God does give clear directions about how we should act towards refugees in Isaiah 16:3, it is written Make a decision to provide shelter as deep shade in the noon day sun. Hide the refugees and do not betray them to their enemies.
While some might say this is the Moabites appealing to Judah for shelter. However, when combined with Christ's directive to "Love our neighbour as ourselves." I believe how we are to treat refugees is clear.
How did the word refugee come into my mind on the way to my doctor's office?
God works in amazing ways.

Organisations Assisting Refugees in Canada

Canada has committed to welcoming in 10,000 more Syrian Refugees fleeing the violence of ISIL. One organisation that works to help refugees is the interdenominational organisation Aura for Refugees. I've sent them an email asking for more information about helping refugees.
You can find out more about Aura for Refugees here.
May God Bless you and those you hold dear with a miracle today,
Thanks for reading!