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Friday, 30 October 2015

How Were You Lead to Your Church? Called to Hope Fellowship Courtice Ontario!

Hope Fellowship Courtice - God's Grace in Courtice Ontario!

Have you ever felt God leading you somewhere? I grew up attending many different Christian Churches, but one weekend in June, I was lead to Hope Fellowship in Courtice, Ontario. God even provided money for the collection! Wondering how this came about?
This how I remember what happened.

Hope Christian Fellowship Courtice - Shining Beacon of Hope

Last Saturday, I was driving along baseline from Oshawa towards Bowmanville searching for Darlington Provincial Park, when a sign caught my eye," BBQ and Bake Sale" by the time it registered, I'd driven through the intersection.
"Shoot," I thought then "Oh well, I'll turn around down here."
 I noticed a tall tower with a cross on  it about 2 blocks down the road. Continuing down the road, I pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be a government building. Then I noticed the pixel board announcing activities  in the building - June Services 10 am. This church must somehow be connected with the tower, I thought.
Then, I began  my mental argument with God.
Do you, like Jonah, sometimes try to ignore God's prompting too?
"This is all the way out in Courtice." I protested adding,"I was planning on taking Elizabeth to The Embassy tomorrow in Oshawa, and besides I don't even know anyone who goes here."
I then continued with my day.

Two Dreams About Five Dollars

Later that night, I had two dreams - each featuring a $5 bill.
I remembered little of the first dream, except I had a $5 bill and two envelopes it seemed as though I was being given a choice about the $5 bill.
The next dream was a bit clearer - a man was insisting on giving me a $5 bill folded in an unsual way.
"Take it, take it," he insisted.
Then, another voice said, "Yes,take it."

Divine Appointment - God Overcomes My Objections

When I awoke, I went into McDonald's so I could charge my electronics. Grabbing my usual, I seated myself by the electrical outlet, said a quick prayer over my peppermint tea and muffin, then plugged in.
A well-groomed gentleman with short black hair came into the dining area and seated himself at a table across the aisle from me. Taking catching my eye, he asked if you had to be hardwired into the internet there.
I explained how to get onto the internet through the WiFi, and we began chatting.
"So what do you do on the internet?" he asked.
"I write, " I responded half wanting to discourage the conversation with this man.
Yes, I still have trust issues with men.
Then, I  immediately chastened myself.
I had just asked God to help me use my food to His use.
Would an opportunity present itself for sharing the Love of Christ?
At the same time, I was leery about carrying on conversations with men.
"What kinds of things do you write?" he pursued, adding "Books or are you a blogger?"
" I blog - mostly news and events, and then I have a group of frugal blogs with money-saving tips," ah, here was the opportunity -"and my personal blog - My Christian Contemplations."
Now the conversation steered towards churches we'd both attended, a bit of our past walk with God, and sharing how God was now working in our lives.
While I mentally marveled at some of the parallels in our lives, I noticed an older woman seated nearby seemed to be taking in our conversation.
"Hmm .." I pondered,"Could it be that this conversation is for her to see the joy God has brought to our lives?" 
After all, it was obvious this man didn't need to be led to the Lord.
"Do you know what time it is?" he suddenly asked.
"Ummm... 9:15" I replied checking the computer.
"I'm waiting to my friend to pick me up and take me to church."
"Oh, where are you going this morning?"I asked, for, like me, he'd mentioned attending several churches.
"Hope Fellowship, over in Courtice."
"Does it happen to have a tall tower with a cross on it?" I asked, having a funny feeling that I already knew the answer.
"Yes, it's in our backyard. The service is at 10 if you'd like to go."
"You're my divine appointment today!" I blurted out in excited recognition. 
"Wow," I thought, "You Love me so much God!"
I think I rather startled him .. and he probably thought I was a total fruitcake because he quickly made for the exit. But then again, his ride would have been there soon.
When I couldn't reach my daughter on the phone, I thought ,"Well, Lord you've overcome both my objections, you must really want me to see something at Hope Fellowship."

Hope Christian Fellowship - Huge Holy Spirit Presence in a Tiny Town

Leaving my van at the very back of the parking lot, I noticed I was late. 
"Oh  no." I thought what a great first impression!"
Entering Hope Christian Fellowship, I was greeted by friendly people who assured me that I wasn't late - I was just in time.
You could hear strains of modern Christian music through the sanctuary doors. Entering, a young man greeted me and handed me an order of service.
Every seat seemed to be taken.
Wow! A sudden wave of incredible joy burst up from inside me, brimming my eyes over with tears.
A gentleman at the back found me a seat. 
The presence of the Lord surrounded me.Wave after wave of incredible joy coursed inside me, Tears ran down my cheeks,
"Oh please Lord," I thought"Don't let anyone interfere with this by passing me a tissue. Just let me bask in Your Glory."
To my pleasure either God hid my tears of joy coursing down my cheeks, or people saw and understood. I was able to bask in the feeling.

Dream One Fulfilled - The Choice

When it was time for the collection, it was explained that this was an opportunity for those who felt lead to share their blessings to do so. Each week Hope Fellowship takes up a collection for a different outreach ministry. In addition, it was mentioned that church members, who so chose might wish to make an offering for the work of Hope Fellowship. The feeling of an obligatory offering was further removed when it was also mentioned that many people at Hope Fellowship choose to make their offerings through automated direct deposit.
My heart kept with joy.
Here was tithes and offerings as it was meant to be - an opportunity to share your blessings with others, as the Holy Spirit leads you!
Now the scene in my dream was before me- two envelopes I put my hand in my pocket and drew out -- one $5 bill.
Time to choose.
I prayed and listened for God's guidance.. This week the outreach ministry collection was for the Reformed Church of the First Nations - very appropriate as it was Natioanl Aborigianl Day.
After church several people came to speak with me.
image Courtice Ontario - Hope Fellowhip Cross Tower Under Construction
Hope Fellowship Cross Tower - A Shining Beacon of Hope in Courtice Ontario
One woman shared the story behind the tower with the cross on their property. A cell phone company approached them, and pays the church rent, for the land the cell phone tower is on, and even pays to illuminate the cross at night! The church also rents offices to businesses. These revenues help Hope Fellowship bless the community..

Divine Appointment Two - Frustrations Lead to Dream Two Fulfilled

Have you ever been thoroughly frustrated -wondering why on earth things aren't going in according to YOUR plans - Hey God may have a better plan for you!
It was time to pick my DD up .
I headed into Oshawa, but a parade blocked every route I tried to take to pick her up.
"Why on earth is this happening?" I mentally fumed. " All I want to do is pick up my daughter!" 
Finally, I thought of a plan - I'd take a shortcut through the Oshawa Shopping Centre parking lot. No dice - that was blocked too. As I wheeled around to head back out to the street, my attention was drawn to a man limping out of Sears carrying two new pillows.
I pulled over and rolled down the window.
"Do you have far to go?" I asked.
"My truck's just over there." he motioned.
"That's a fair ways with a sore leg," I observed adding"Want a lift?"
Thanking me, he painfully climbed into the van.
"It's only because of Christ I'm alive and able to do anything. " I replied.
The gentleman explained he had a problem with his hip and asked if I minded taking him a bit further over to the Sears store in the parking lot.
"No problem," I replied adding"I can wait if you like."   
"No, that's alright he replied, adding"Here, take this, buy yourself a coffee."
 He held out his hand towards me.
"Oh no, that's fine" I replied, adding "I know what it's like to have difficulty walking. I'm just glad I could help."
'No, take it,"he insisted. 

In my heart I heard"Take it."
"Thank you very much," I replied. 
When he got out, I looked down at my hand- there was the $5 bill just as it had appeared in my dream - folded a bit oddly.
God had even provided the collection for that day!

Have you ever been called to worship a a particular church?
I'd love to hear about it.
I believe that God calls each of us to worship Him in the way that speaks most closely to our heart. Some are called to quiet contemplation, some to loud shouts of exhultation, some are called to sing, and others to dance . It is not up to us to decide how others should worship - that is up to that individual and God. I know there is a scripture about this.
Could you help me find it?

Thanks for reading!
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May God Bless you as you bless others,

Thanks for reading! Let's keep in touch! Subscribe to My Christian Contemplations by Email - It's free!
May God Bless you as you bless others,