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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Scriptural Revelations

Blog Beginnings 
Since my healing miracle, when something weighs on my mind.I wake up with a verse in my mind. Not being versed in which script is where, I look it up. There ir is the answer to my questioning mind. These scriptural revelations are sent to me about things that are weighing on my mind,.What I am writing here are not pronouncements about what I believe other people should do with their lives,nor judgements of others. What I am writing is simply an exploration of my new life in Christ. If what I am writing is helpful to you,then may God add his blessing to it. This blog is my next step in my relationship with God,and you are more than welcome to read,my contemplations,as I explore what is revealed to me. This blog is a result of the latest scripture I received: Deuteronomy 16:10