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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Massacre Prophhecy Nov 23 2011

Sent to Nov 23
November 23, 2011 Suzanne Sholer
Hi! You do not know me I had a strange dream last night and I believe the message may be for you.
I often receive messages for others. I can see now that I got the name wrong, as your picture is the one I saw,but not with a beard

If this is for you I hope it helps.If it is not for you my apologies for bothering you.

This morning I woke with the words:
 'It's going to be worse than the Cambellville massacre if we don't....'
I was watching a scene being played out in a place I've never been. It was like a restaurant ,but not a restaurant. The size of a classroom-an old-fashioned room-hardwood floors, a chair rail, white wainscoting, red plastic table cloths, but the chairs were not restaurant chars-like chairs we have at church.
Three adults were talking- 2 men and 1 woman (black-reminded me of an actress -at the time I wanted to say I'd seen her in a show when she was younger, but could only watch.)
They were making plans about where they were going to be.
 She said-'I don't know about you, but I've got my plans all laid out. I'm ready for whatever comes. I'm just going to enjoy my weekend'-
'Good for you' I thought-'you have your head on straight.'
The two men seemed to be undercover something- both white-one with thinning hair, oval head a dark moustasche medium build, round glasses-Jesse was contemplative.
The other medium build, light hair-a bit on the shaggy side angular square a face- on edge These three seemed to be waiting for an apocalyptic event to take place.
May the blood Jesus shed for us all cover and protect you and yours
May His countenance shine upon you and give you peace.