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Sunday, 20 July 2014

500 Error YouTube - Sunday Sunshine Smile!

YouTube 500 Error Inspires Sunday Sunshine Smiles

God works in amazing wonderful ways in our lives. Today, I received an inspiration to start a Sunday Sunshine Smiles part to this blog - you do enjoy smiling-right? What is Sunday Sunshine Smiles? Sunday Sunshine Smiles will be links to family friendly funnies - jokes, images and so -on. While I can't guarantee the Sunday Sunshine Smiles will make YOU smile, they are things that brought a chuckle from me.

God Loves Giggles

Did you know God wants us to be happy? Have you heard of being filled with the Joy of the Lord? That is an experience of itself! Check it out in Nehemiah 8:10. Why laugh? Why be happy? Psalm126:2 Gives an excellent reason - when we are laughing and happy, others yearn to have a happy heart too. Would you want to hang with a bunch who are always down in the mouth and full of doom and gloom?  True, there is "a time to laugh and a time to cry", but the Joy of the Lord - that is our strength! Did you know in some Christian denominations, the death and resurrection of Christ are seen as God pulling the greatest practical joke of all time on Satan, and celebrated as Holy Humour Sunday? Can you imagine Satan's surprise - thinking he had Christ sitting in Paradise, Sheol,-  only to find Christ had taken the souls of the Old Testament Saints from Paradise into Heaven with Him? The Bible does say He that sits in heaven laughs.

Sunday Sunshine Smile 1 - YouTube 500 Error Message

So what incident inspired today's Sunday Sunshine Smile? I was opening my YouTube account for Kawartha Lakes Mums, when suddenly the following YouTube 500 error popped up:
YouTube 500 Error Message 
From that chuckle, all the Sunshine Smiles ideas just flowed. Definitely nothing of my doing. Do you have a Sunday Sunshine Smile to share? Drop me a comment below, I love a good chuckle.

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