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Monday, 21 July 2014

Dream - The Plight of Books

What Books Are You Reading?

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Do you have several books "on the go" as I do? I suppose many people are able to pick up a book, and read it cover-to-cover in one fell swoop. Occasionally, I allow myself the luxury of time to do just that, but lately.. well.... I have started reading several excellent books, and I suppose not finishing them has been weighing heavily on my mind, especially considering last night's dream.

I am a Book - Read ME!

Last night, it seemed I was this guy ->
Samir, the Main Character in the Movie Behind the Sun 
Samir returns home to show the Love of Christ to his family -it does NOT go well.
His Father disowns him and he needs to run from his family's threatened torture.
All night long, it seemed I was running, running, and  running -
 frantically trying to get away, and at the same time trying to get places
 It seemed I was compelled to relive the hellish nightmare over and over,
retracing my steps again and again -not able to progress.
In my dream, four things kept stopping my progress - all very clear in the dream, three a mere mist at the moment, but the fourth - the fourth stands out in my mind. The fourth thing stopping me was a female psychic. 

A Deluded Female Psychic 

The Female psychic sits at a table covered with a cloth. A pyramid about 5 inches in height with purple designs on it, appears to be floating in the air in front of her, and rotating. She thinks she is  in control and she is making it rotate, but it is just a black light trick, and she is being controlled by the pyramid.
The predominant thought when I awoke seemed totally unrelated: I am a book. 

My Books Are Calling to Me - Are Yours?

I am a book?
A book? Yes, a book. As people pick me up and read me, my story unfolds. Then, when they put me down, my progress is halted. When the readers picks me up again, once more I progress. Unfortunately, frequently these readers forget where they were and once again I start my adventure as if from square one. Will I ever progress to the end of my nightmare? Will someone please read this book from beginning to end without taking a break?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My apologies to the books that are waiting for me to finish them, Boy not finishing reading those books is really preying on my mind!

What books are calling to you? I'd love to hear bout what you're reading.

Thanks for reading!
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May God Bless you as you bless others,
Here is the YouTube Behind the Sun