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Friday, 11 July 2014

Happy by Pharrell Williams - The Key [Video Playlist]

Does Happy Make You Feel Happy?

Today: an interesting dream with a curious number, an exploration of the song "Happy", and the amazing experience that lead me to check it out.
Last night when I when to bed,  once again I prayed for a miracle: 
"Lord please help me. If it is your will for me to have my belongings from my father's house, I know you will find a way for me to have them, if it is not your will, I am willing to accept this, but oh Lord, I am finding this so hard, and I will need your help to accept this. I can't find the key to the house anywhere. Its location is totally blanked from my mind after last summer's experiences, and I can't seem to even find the key for the van.  I've been treading water, just going through the motions. trying to distract myself from physical and emotional pain through work. Writing, coding, researching, writing, coding researching...till I am finally so exhausted I can escape the pain and sleep. Lord I need your help. Please help me."

A Strange Dream and Number

During the night I dreamt of a form that I have not seen on the Internet yet.  I was filling in information on the form and it was converting the information into links, but it not in a link format that I am familiar with a mix of capital letters symbols and numbers #Q34jt05 stands out in my mind. The only thing on the internet that corresponds with this number is under flights. Does this mean anything to any of you? I felt perplexed, and frustrated. Lord I need Your help! I raged silently.

Getting Happy

Happy by Pharrell Williams- The Key
The song "Happy" was stuck in my head.
"Lord," I moaned,"I'm finding it very difficult to be happy this morning."
Hobbling to the sink,
"C'mon get Happyyyyyy....da, da, duh,da,da,dadada da da!  C'mon get Happyyyyyy.... da da duh da dada da da da"
Brushing my teeth.
"C'mon get Happyyyyyy.... C'mon get Happyyyyyy...."
Over and Over! Sheesh!
I discovered my favourite hairbrush I'd misplaced,
[Well that's one thing to be happy for Lord.]
I brushed my stubborn tangled mane.
[Lord open the eyes of my heart. Pleeease help me find the keys.] I pleaded,  explaining [Even if You can by some miracle, bring about a  way for me to get to my father's house and move the things that have been passed down in our family through generations, I will need a key to get in!]
Then sheepishly I chastised myself - "That's a bit foolish. If God really wants you to have those things, Suzanne, you will not need a key, he can find a way to open even the strongest of locks. Look what happened in the Bible, and even happened to the believers who were with George Jenkins in jail."
"C'mon get Happyyyyyy..""C'mon get Happyyyyyy.... 'cause there's happiness in the Truth!"
My eyes shifted to the end of the sofa where my Bible tote lay.
[Well, Lord, I am saying Open the eyes of my heart Lord.]
Grasping the soft green faux leather case, I gingerly tugged the velcro flap, Rrrip.
"C'mon get Happyyyyyy.."
Groping inside, my fingers touched ... cold metal, hard plastic.. was it?
YES! A key to the van.

Christian Contemplations on "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

The song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams seems to be everywhere. People around the world lip sync or just dance to it then upload their versions to YouTube. I really didn't know much about the song till this morning, when I decided to go searching for the lyrics to see if the word Truth was capitalised.
What did I find?

  • First, a myriad of "Happy" renditions by people all around the globe, making the song their in different ways, everything from schools to tourism type promotions.One of my favourites is a remix by a Christian Rap group.
  • Then, I found the official Pharrell Williams "Happy" as well as 
  • Some interviews with the singer about his song including one on Oprah, where he shared that the book "The Alchemist" changed his life.

Thoughts on The Alchemist
Have you heard of The Alchemist? Well if you haven't I'm glad I'm not the only one who must have been hiding under a rock for 20 years. A quick trip to Wikipedia revealed that the audio book is available on YouTube, and curiously one of the characters in the book is Melchizedek.

  • I then found a YouTube of the author of The Alchemist talking about coincidences, and faith. 
  • Then finally a YouTube of a scientist sharing how science proves the existence of Christian faith. 
Hmm.. is it faith if you have proof?
Well, it certainly is easier to believe when your faith is tangibly rewarded.
I must admit I haven't fully watched all the videos in this"Happy" playlist I pulled together for later viewing, but I thought it might interest some of my friends, so here it is.

BTW God - Thanks for the key to the van. Looking forward to seeing what's next.But oh I am really needing Your help.

Thanks for reading,
May God Bless you as you bless others,