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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

3 Dreams of False People, False Places ~

Three Dreams of False

Last night, I finally escaped my nightmare life into sleep about 2 am. The jacket I'd balled into a pillow is still sodden with tears. My heart aches, I long to hold my baby in my arms to take my big 16 year-old on my lap, hold her and rock her. Comfort her. Love her. She is my child.
While I slept on the couch, I had three dreams - dreams of things that were not to be trusted.

These dreams cautioned me not to let others know I could sense evil behind the sham.

Three Cautionary Dreams July 29, 2014

Dream One Coloured Squares - A False Authority

In the first dream, I was with a man and he was showing me coloured squares arranged on a white board that had black lines. There were two sides to the board with a gap in the middle where there was grass - but it was one board.
In the dream, I was devoid of emotion neither happy nor sad just observing. The coloured squares represented people. The pieces of paper were sticky notes, each about 3/4 inch square with names neatly hand printed on them in proper case in black ink. The names were underlined. The post it notes were orange, red, yellow and less than 1/10 were bright green. The man was patiently explaining something to me, showing me each square's position depended on another if he moved one square from one place, Mrs O'Rafferty for example,  it meant he then needed to move all the other squares too, and there just wasn't enough time left to move all the squares.
He held my hands and asked me to please understand and pretended to console me. It was a feeling of a slick salesman trying to sell me on an idea - false. Like someone full of themselves, and thinking -this is easy, I'm going to get away with pulling the wool over her eyes. Something inside me told me to not let him detect that I knew he was trying to sell me a bill of goods - to let him think he had fooled me.

Dream 2 - False Elders

In the next dream, it seemed I was in a nursing home talking to people. They were all very old. Each person had a story to tell me. Mickey Rooney was there. He stood out because everyone else had lots of hair. Everyone was seated in a large lounge of sorts, and they were all waiting for something.
It seemed like these were the people the man in the previous dream had been talking about. It was a feeling of "Come sit here beside me, let me talk with you. You can trust me because of my age." I sat with each person and they each gave me a different view about something. Patiently explaining something to me.
The end of the dream took a sinister twist - an evil feeling, as if these people were not quite what they seemed, something dark lay beneath these calm patient exteriors, and I caught glimpses of very nasty demonic visions when I looked at each one.
The feeling being exuded from each had turned to barely suppressed anger. It seemed that if I didn't listen to their false tales and appear convinced, they would transform into their true selves, and drag me away by force. Horrifying spirits were beneath these calm exteriors. Spirits like those depicted in horror comics - impossibly long alligator like meshed teeth set in bony skulls with long flexible neck bones that might allow them to extend their head around a corner. This misted into a third dream.

Dream 3 False Peaceful Place 

There was a third dream that I can vaguely recall - bits and pieces disjointed like fragments of a mirror, suspended in the air - each piece reflecting a different scene. I am seated on the ground in a verdant lush valley - meditating? Looking at these shards of mirror suspended in the air in front of me, a little above the level of my forehead and two and a half feet ahead of me. There is a calm tranquillity about the place, but it is not a real place. It is a false peace. There is a sense of warning to the dream.
~ ~ ~ ~
What do these dreams mean to you?

May God Bless you as you bless others,