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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Need Larger Print Bibles? Save 50%! [ad]

More Blessed Bargains! Great Frugal Bible Finds!

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Looking for Bible Bargains? Biblica just sent us more great savings ! Who is Biblica? Did you know Biblica has been providing Bibles for troops since 1812?  Wow! That's a long tradition of outreach! Biblica is making great outreach deals available to us too! Save 50% on NIV Larger Print Paperback Bible at only $2.25 ea in a case! What do I like about this latest deal?

Glad you asked.

What I Like About Biblica's Latest Larger Print Bible Bargain:

Larger Font NIV Bible $2.25 WOW!
First there is the crazy pricing! $2.25 for a Bible? Yup that's no misprint! You Save 50% on NIV Larger Print Paperback Bibles at when you order a case of 12.! 
Second: Did I tell you about thinking a fire hydrant in the distance was a dog the other day?  Now here is a deal I really need! Save 50% on NIV Larger Print Paperback Bibles at!
Third: besides a larger print, what I like about these Biblica larger print bibles is they include study helps, and maps, so it makes them a great teaching tool.
Fourth, while everyone has their own beliefs, about which version of the Bible is best, I really like the NIV for outreach. The New International Version (NIV) is an easier Bible to understand, and it still engages readers with the rich meaning of the original text.

Who Should Grab This Larger Font Bible Deal?

So who is this Bible deal best for? Are you looking at gifting Bibles to your congregation? Looking to do community outreach? This deal is only available in cases of 12. Alternately, have eleven friends you would like to gift with a Bible? Oh, and your friends need decent eyesight - these Larger Print Paperback NIV bibles from Biblica do have a 9.5 px font, but it is not quite what I imagined when I read "Larger font". 9.5px leaves me out of this bargain, but perhaps it is large enough for you. Be sure to download the print sample so you can see the size for yourself.

Bible Bargains for Weary Eyes

Looking for even larger font Bibles like I am? The Giant 15.5 font versions might be what you need. These deals are a sight for sore eyes. Biblica has great 10 bible case deals on the Giant Font King James Bible 14.99 ea in a case, and the Giant Font NIV 10.99 ea in a case. A reviewer posted that Giant font version allows the person sitting beside them to easily see. Now, with a Giant font, also comes a larger overall size, so these are not so handy for toting around, or balancing on your hand while you are preaching, but it is a good size for home study.
Listeners Bibles Available Through Biblica
The Listeners Bible - What Are You Listening to?
Another deal I have on my wish list is The Listener's Bible Mp3. What we listen to while we sleep is very important. Check out all the deals in the Biblica  Clearance Sale on Bibles, New Testaments & Booklets at Prices as low as 79¢. Order NOW!

Why Do I Blog Biblica Bible Bargains?

Blessed Bargain Hunting 10% off Promo Code July 2014 : Detective Magnifying glass, Big Red Hat Biblica Bargains
Blessed Biblica Bargains Aug 2014
Plus 10% off PROMO CODE For My Readers!
I'm very excited about the Biblica Bargains, for four reasons, Four? Yes, I've added another reason to my list.
  1. First- I am rejoicing in the fact that I CAN write about Bible Bargains when there are many who are persecuted for even having a single page of the Bible in their possession.
  2. Second - By helping Biblica spread the word about their Bible deals, it helps fight the battle against children contracting HIV in Africa. Check it out on their site when you visit.
  3. Third They have offered all my readers a special PROMO CODE for 10% off!, 
  4. Fourth- A HUGE Sale and end of line clearance! 
Psst - Hey buddy wanna deal on a great Book? Read on!

Biblica Marked Down Bibles

How many different translations of the Bible do you have? Personally, I like to be able to read and compare several different translations. You'll want to catch this opportunity because Biblica is clearing out stock to focus just on NIV Bibles. What kind of sale prices are they offering?  Since this is a clearance sale, I can't guarantee that the following will still be available when you get there, but here are a few examples - I asterisked my faves at the Biblica HUGE Clearance Sale on Bibles, New Testaments & Booklets at Prices as low as 79¢! Which bargains would you recommend? Take a look at the clearance section, and leave me a comment. I'd love to see what you discovered!
NIrV Children's Bibles
Biblica Direct Offers Great Bible Bargains
  • *Easter: Steps to Peace with God by Billy Graham Starting at .09 each -has a free pdf download too!
  • * Reina Valera Large Print Paperback Bible (Bridge & Mosaic) = $4.16 each 
  • NKJV Paperback Large Print Bible (Green Valley) = $4.99 each 
  • * Survival Kit for Grads Girl (Pink) = $5 each 
  • KJV Faux Leather Giant Print Bible = $14.99 each 
  • *NLT Large Print Bible (Burgundy & Blue Deck) = 1 - 9 cases for $4.99 | 10+ cases for $3.99 each 
  • *Deeper Still Booklet = $0.25 each 
  • *KJV Paperback New Testament (Multicolour, Black & Frame) = 1 - 9 cases $0.99 each | 10+ cases = $0.79 each 
  • *NIV Paperback Back Story Student Bible (Tree & Black) = $2.99 each 
  • *Who is Jesus Mini DVD = $0.99
See these and more at the Biblica HUGE Clearance Sale on Bibles, New Testaments & Booklets at Prices as low as 79¢. Order NOW!

Biblica Texts Almost Sold Out 

The following biblical texts are no longer be available at the Biblica Store:
  • 700130 - NKJV Large Print Bible - Green Valley 
  • 700131 - NKJV Large Print Bible – Beige/Burgundy 
What your'e still here? Oh yes! The PROMO CODE! The PROMO CODE!
Here is a conundrum. How do I make sure only my readers use the promo code with my link?
Well all I can say is I'm going to let God take care of this.
Here is my link with the PROMO CODE.
Get 10% OFF your next order with promo code PR01 at Buy now!
Happy shopping!

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