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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Grateful for Knitting! - Miracle Scarf Giveaway Coming!

From Death to Knitting - A Miracle Journey!

What are you grateful for today?
I'm grateful for knitting.
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Why am I grateful for knitting?
Here's Why!

Believing in God Despite Professional Opinions

Last year, when I was ripped apart by the dog, Emergency Room Staff were ill equipped to deal with what they saw.
As I lay on the gurney bleeding profusely from my right side, my hand stripped to the bone, begging to be stitched up, praying in the Spirit, they decided to write me off.
"We're losing her! We're losing her! Give her the phone to say goodbye to her daughter."
I chose to believe in God's Word,and told my daughter to call for prayer.
I survived the Emergency Room.
Over 100 sutures later,  I was sent home to die.
God had other plans, and began to work many healing miracles in my life.
One miracle I believe was for the benefit of others so they too might see His Healing Grace. I call it .

Closing the Gap

Two weeks later, the hospital decided it was time for the sutures to come out. Off we went to the hospital. 
My DD did her best to keep my mind off the painful procedure by flipping through funny pictures of cats on the iPad God had gifted us with.
Starting at my calf, the attendant removed stitches. 
Have you ever had a feeling that something just wasn't right?
I kept asking, "Are you sure these stitches are ready to come out? Could we maybe come back for the rest another day?" 
No it needed to be done that day.
Up the right side of my body he worked his way, stitch after stitch -
  • Calf, 
  • Thigh,
  • Rib cage,
  • Upper arm,
  • Hand?
After they removed stitches from the laceration on my palm I could bear no more. 
"I'm going to the hand specialist tomorrow, can't I wait for him to remove the stitches?"
The attendant grudgingly acquiesced.

Sutures Should Not Have Been Removed

The specialist was shocked they'd tried to remove the sutures the day before. 
"You're lucky you stopped them when you did," he solemnly intoned. adding,"You might have permanently lost the use of your hand. These sutures need at least another two weeks."
Two weeks later, the hand specialist removed the remaining stitches on the back of my hand,and covered it with a light dressing, shaking his head at the mess on my palm. It was an open wound, the edges 1/4 of an inch apart.

Healings Disputed

God had been working many more miraculous healings for me - restoring my ability to walk,removal of Post Traumatic Stress, healing the huge haematoma on my thigh, giving relief from pain.
There was a man in the house where we lived that scoffed at the healings, and didn't believe it. Let's call him Thomas.. DEspite seeing miracles manifest in my life,"Thomas" grumbled at every opportunity to his girlfriend that God doesn't do miracles today.

An Obedient Man of God

One evening,when friends took me to Omemee Christian Outreach by friends, a Stuart quietly approached me after the dinner and asked if he could pray for my hand.
"Sometimes my hand heats up when I'm supposed to pray for people. The closer I get to the person, the hotter my hand gets,"he explained..
Stuart quietly prayed over my hand, holding his hand about 6 inches above mine. The heat from jis hand penetrated right through my hand. My palm sank into the solid block of ice as it melted under my hand.
My ride was in a hurry to leave.
I quickly thanked Stuart, and we headed back to Lindsay.

The Miracle Begins

In the car, my palm began to get crazy itchy, and I had an overwhelming urge to scratch at it. I scratched near the edge of the bandage.
Something flaked off. The itching continued.
When we stopped for a minute to do an errand, I asked if we could turn on the interior light.
Gently I lifted the bandaging on my palm.
"Look!Look! , I shouted.
The top of the gash on my hand had closed.
"Maybe by morning the whole thing will be healed. I exclaimed.
We drove the rest of the way home marvelling and rejoicing.

Miracle Healing - For Doubting Thomas

Arriving home,we burst through the door with excitedly chattering.
"What's going on out here? You having a party or something?" "Thomas" came out rubbing his eyes.
"Yes!"I exclaimed, "A Holy Ghost party! Look what The Lord has Done!"
I held out my hand, and there, before his eyes, and ours, THE GAP CLOSED.
"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," "Thomas" exclaimed. 
God didn't just close the gap in my hand, He closed the gap in "Thomas'" faith.

Interior Healing Continues

While I was very pleased with the exterior healing of my hand, I needed to pick up my bed and walk.
The next week, at Omemee Christian Outreach, I was able to grasp with my right hand for the first time since my adventure with the dog.
What did I hold? Worship flags!
Returning home, I longingly looked at unfinished knitting projects , but the muscles in my hand wouldn't let me hold the thin needles. I bought the biggest knitting needles and crochet hook I could find.
Choosing Knitting Needles for Therapy
When I returned to the hand specialist, I had started to try to use knitting needles again to exercise the muscles in my hand.  He was very surprised at the change in my hand, and I explained what had happened.

Progress and Believing in Further Healing

Last night, my daughter's little cat "helped" me as I put the finishing touches on a scarf for my daughter for Christmas. She loves her little soft cat, and we'd chosen this popcorn wool to match her  cat before my injury.
Knitting with Wallenda Completed
Thank you Lord for continuing to heal me.
I am paying it forward by gifting a handmade scarf to one of my readers, perhaps from the free pattern in this post I wrote. I hope they will bless others by paying it forward in some way too.
The scarf will NOT be made with Wallenda's "assistance", but I will be taking a few online courses to brush up on my skills.
It had been so long since I'd been able to finish a project I'd even forgotten how to cast off!
Online Knitting Class
Free Knitting Classes onCraftsy
Bookmark this post and watch for it to be updated with the Giveaway and scarf details
Prayers for increased mobility in my hand and improving my circulation are greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to being able to use a needle and thread again.
My coat pocket really needs stitching.
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May God Bless you today and always,