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Monday, 8 December 2014

Grateful for Evergreens - What are You Grateful for Today?

Evergreens - A Reminder of Hope!

Yesterday I was blessed with some free spruce twigs from the Christmas tree lot at our local Foodland, and crafted a few quick fragrant decorations for our rented rooms. The cheerful fresh scent brings relief from the black mould and the greenery added a festive touch, bringing memories of the most magical Christmas Tree I'd ever seen.

I even crafted a real mini-tree for our space.
DIY Mini-Christmas Tree
What I love best about evergreens is how they symbolise our hope for life eternal through Christ who died for us, and the Holy Trinity reflected the shape of the fir tree.

How Did Christmas Trees Become Associated with Jesus' Birth?

Have you ever wondered how Christmas trees became associated with the celebration of Jesus' birth? Legend has it a missionary from Wessex, England, chopped down the "Oak of Thor"in Germany, and when he did so, the tree fell in four parts revealing a pine tree at its centre.  The pagans, astounded that the missionary wasn't harmed, converted to Christianity, and the triangular shape of the pine tree was used on the spot to explain the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The missionary? St. Boniface.
People began bringing pine trees indoors, hanging them upside down from the ceiling and decorating them. Apples were used as decorations to represent the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.
The first person to add illumination to a Christmas tree may have been Martin Luther. Luther attached candles to the Christmas Tree to show how the stars shone on the night Christ was born.
The Christmas tree has gone through many different incarnations ,so that it is almost unrecognisable today. The other day on one "Holiday" decorating show the hostess waxed ecstatically over a skull themed tree. The Christmas tree has become just another chatchka to decorate -totally meaningless for many. Nothing like the most magical Christmas Tree I've ever seen.

My Most Magical Christmas Tree Memory

When I visited Germany, I was privileged to see a Christmas tree lit with white candles in antique candle holders and adorned with real polished red apples. The family I stayed with only displayed their tree one day, and kept buckets of sand and water nearby as we stood around the tree singing beautiful old carols like Stille Nacht (Silent Night). It was a magical Christmas Eve.

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