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Monday, 8 December 2014

#AD How to Gift Bibles Through Biblica ~ Giving Hope!

Sharing God's Word This Christmas by Donating a Case of Bibles to Worthy Causes 

As believers, we serve as ambassadors of Christ to people around the world and from all walks of life. Did you know since 1809, Biblica has provided Bibles to sailors, soldiers, pioneers, housewives, teachers, missionaries, pastors, and many others who serve as ambassadors of the gospel?
FTC Disclosure: We are pleased to be chosen by Biblica as an affiliate. This means Biblica pays us a little for our writing when people shop through our links.
Bliblica offers many different Outreach Bibles at ministry pricing to anyone wishing to share God's words with others. One very economical way to provide outreach is by equipping others in the mission fields with a case of Bibles.
image Donate a Case of Bibles Biblica Celebrate the Joy of Giving God's Word Gift the Gift Eternal Holy Bible
Celebrate the Joy of Giving God's Word
How can you do this?
Glad you asked!

Ordinary People Sharing  An Extraordinary God

Ordinary people are sharing an extraordinary God with people in their circle of influence with a simple and humble gift of God’s word. This type of sharing is the heart of Scripture Outreach. 
Whether it’s a Sunday school teacher purchasing children’s Bibles for her class or a brave believer finding ways to get Scripture past enemies of the gospel, Christians serve as God’s messengers when they take the Bible and the gospel message to people who lack the good news of God’s love and offer of salvation.
The Way for Cowboys -NIV
Are  you are one of these ambassadors’ through your prayers and gifts for Scripture Outreach?If so, together, we can provide God’s Word through creative channels and in many formats, so that no barriers, whether it’s cultural, political, religious, economic, or physical, may stand in the way of individuals receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Biblica - Bibles in Over 100 Languages - Print, Audio, and Online

Through Scripture Outreach, Biblica places Bibles in more than 100 languages in print, audio, and online mediums to make the gospel accessible for people anywhere, regardless of life circumstance. Did you know at this very moment, there are millions of people who are hungry for the transformational message of Scripture; yet more than two-thirds of the world has never encountered Jesus Christ?
As an ambassador, you can serve and reach those hungry for the gospel by donating a case of Bibles to needy and charitable causes.

Donating a Case of Bibles Made Easy Through Biblica. How?

Simply purchase the case of Bibles that supports the message and cause you wish to support and have the case shipped directly to them.
Biblica provides a large selection of specialised  Outreach Bibles to support many causes.

Which cause has God placed on your heart?

God placed a passion for Motorcycle Outreach in the heart of one pastor who speaks at Omemee Christian Outreach. 
Has God placed this passion in your heart too?
Hope for the Highway - Bible Developed with Christian Bikers
Has God placed a passion in your heart for introducing children to the story of Jesus?
Introduce Children to Jesus!
Is Prison Ministry in Your Heart?
Jan and Delores who share their lighthearted music ministry  have a passion for leading people to Christ behind prison walls. Has God placed this passion to witness to prison inmates in your heart too?
Help Prisoners Become Free On The Inside
Or perhaps you feel called to provide support to those in the military? One very inspiring military Bible Biblica offers is The Greatest Warrior - a Bible designed to help families deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Equip Troops with God's Word!
Has God placed a calling in your heart to boost up new mothers?  The Hope for the Future Bible, while aimed at young mums facing a crisis pregnancy, could be uplifting for many women.
Find Hope in Crisis - resources available at
Biblica has Bibles designed to support and inspire many people.
You can even create your own custom cover. What would you put on the cover of your outreach Bible?
Design Your Own Custom Bible Cover
Browse the Biblica store and be inspired by the array of Biblical offerings.
Whom will you inspire today?
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