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Thursday, 5 March 2015

God Listens to Grumbles! God Opens the Door - A Physical Miracle!

Have You Experienced His Love in A Unique Way? Here's How God Showed His Love by Opening A Door For Me! 

God is so amazing. Even when we're grumbling about a task he listens to the prayers of our hearts. This post has a personal God incidence that I was blessed to share with a Youth Pastor from The Toronto Chinese community - Johnny Chui.

I didn't want to be going to feed my friend's dogs. I was a bitterly cold day, but they were stuck in the Toronto ice storm and couldn't get home, so here I was, headed to their farm with Johnny Chui of Long Beach Cottages and Trailer Park in Kawartha Lakes.

God Listens to Our Grumbles Too

Johnny Chui, a youth Pastor with the Chinese community in Toronto, was my trusted interpreter for understanding Yi Xiong, and he'd volunteered to drive me out to the farm when Yi Xiong's dogs needed food and water during the ice storm of 2014.
The last time I'd been at the farm to feed the dogs, they'd been thrilled to see me - but they'd lost much of their training, and were still puppies. They were very large playful and dangerous pups whose idea of a fun time was to play hunt - jumping, frolicking and body slamming each other, and developing team work skills for taking down game.. I saw the potential danger, and had emphasized the dogs  needed to be separated for ease of handling - six of these dogs together were too many. Even if he divided the kennel in half to separate them three and three they might be too many to handle at once.
I shared my concerns with Johnny along the way.
"Well," I grumbled," I am NOT going into that pen to feed the dogs if they aren't divided three and three. It's just too much for me." adding"If he can't be here to look after these dogs, he'll just need to give them up." 
We pulled up to the kennel - the dogs barked excitedly clambering over one another.
My heart fell.
He still hadn't divided them three and three.
How on earth was I going to feed these hungry dogs?
God had used the mum -Queen and one of her pups to save my life. I couldn't let them starve, but it was just too dangerous.
"Oh Lord I thought." Help me know what to do." 
Suddenly it became very quiet.

God Opens A Door

The dogs stopped barking.
The side door on the house opened
Three of the large shaggy beasts filed silently into the grooming room.
The door shut behind them.
The dogs were divided three and three.
Johnny and I stared at each other in amazement.
"Thank you Jesus!" I whispered a sigh of relief. 
Despite my grumbling, I was sick at heart for these big beautiful,helpless creatures. I'd desperately wanted to help them , but could see no earthly way I could safely do so.

God Will Hear You Too!

Is there something that has you sick at heart?
Cry out to God for guidance.
 It doesn't need to be any complicated prayer, just call on Him with your heart.
How will He answer your prayer?
In the way that is best for you.
Yes, He Loves each of us that much.
What is the right answer for one person, is not the same as for another.
God will answer, when the time is right, and most likely in a way you could never imagine.
Talk with Him. No matter what path brought you here, God has called you to Him.
He has a free gift for you - Life eternal paid for by His Son Jesus Christ.
There is nothing you can do to buy his gift, nothing you can do to earn this gift, and no matter how great you think your sin is, it is there for you. It was paid for in full before you were even conceived in your mother's womb.
Simply accept the gift of Christ.
Think your've strayed too far from God? Talk to Him, and you'll find God Loves us in spite of our failings. It is an unconditional love.
"Come, let's discuss this says the Lord."
May God Bless you,
Thanks for reading! Let's keep in touch!
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