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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Movie: Drop Box Babies -A Unique Ministry Saving Children!

Can You Imagine Innocent Children Being Abandoned on Streets?

Hundreds of babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea every year, many due to disability. One brave pastor has made it his mission to save them. just came across my path The movie is showing in theatres March 4, 5 and 9th and part of the proceeds go to support the ministry of that is working to save abandoned babies in Korea.
Pastor Lee Jung built a drop box on the outside of his home in South Korea. In the space of two years 629 babies came through his Baby Box.
Pastor Lee had a son born to him that had Cerebral Palsy. One night at three a.m. his wife received a strange phone call "In front of the door."
When they went out they found a baby in an old fish box suffering from exposure. Realising that the child could have died on his doorstep was the beginning of the discussion of the drop box.
Pastor Lee then started an orphanage to care for the abandoned children.
Some critics of the Baby Box say that having baby boxes will cause more people to give up their children.
To me, such criticisms are like saying if we post life preservers near places where there is a dangerous current, it will entice people to jump in the river.
While we may think that abandoned babies are only a problem in countries like China where there is a limit on the number of children or countries where there are not enough supports to help parents of children with disabilities, children are still abandoned in dumpsters in Canada and the USA.
There are Baby Boxes in 19 nations around the world, since children are abandoned in Canada too, do we need to have baby boxes here too?
Is there a need for a place where children can be left that hide the identity of the parent? A puzzle to think about - why are the children abandoned in dumpsters? How can this be prevented?
During the making of the movie, the young film maker of the documentary says he became a real Christian.
Here is a trailer for the movie.

Will you be going to see the Drop Box?
Find out where this movie is playing on the website
Find out more about Pastor Lee Jon Rak on his website or watch the incredible story of his walk with Christ in this interview with English Subtitles.

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