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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Prayers for Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People - Isaiah 61 Prophecy!

Isaiah 61 - A Great Prophecy and Blessing!

When I had the opportunity to share my dream about The Hôtel Dieu for Women and Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People with Anne W., she felt the presence of the Lord telling her to pray, and then received Isaiah 61- a book that had been prophesied over me several years ago by a woman who visited Omemee Christian Outreach when John Popowich was alive.

My! How aligned Isaiah 61 is with this dream!
Isaiah 61 speaks of many of the purposes of Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People and the Hôtel Dieu for Women, as well as pointing towards possibilities for these projects.
In Luke 4:16-21 we read how when Christ went to the synagogue he was handed the scroll of Isaiah to read and read out the first two verses of Isaiah 61, then after handing back the scroll, stated that day the scripture had been fulfilled.

Isaiah 61 Promises

Here are some of the promises outlined in Isaiah 61that with God's help will be fulfilled through these plans God has revealed to me.

  • Proclaim Good news to the poor.
  • Bind up the brokenhearted.
  • Lead people out of darkness.
  • Comfort those who mourn.
  • Give a crown of beauty instead of ashes
  • Bring Joy instead of mourning
  • Instill an attitude of praise in place of despair.
  • Enable people to become oaks of righteousness.
  • To rebuild devastated places.
  • Welcome refugees to tend flocks and fields.
  • Help people trade shame for a double portion.
  • Double the value of properties through the Grace of God.
  • People will be transformed so that all who see them will say they are people whom the Lord has blessed.

Anne was also given Jeremiah 29 :5 in prayer- also very amazing: to build houses, plant gardens and eat the foods from them.
Please pray for God's will to be manifest, to bring people and tools required for this project to be supernaturally brought in such a way that it will be obvious the manner in which we are to proceed to fulfill this dream.
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