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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Will You Help Persecuted Christians in Pakistan?

Pakistan Persecuted Christians Need Your Support!

The persecution of Christians in Pakistan is almost unbelievable when we read the headlines. Will you help persecuted Pakistan Christians? How can you help?
Persecuted Pakistan Christians Need Our Help
Glad you asked!

Joshua Mission You Caring Campaign

Revivalist George Jenkins has begun a YouCaring Campaign to help persecuted Pakistan Christians. The YouTube video on the campaign explains just a few of the examples of persecution facing Christians in Pakistan today. 
Let our brothers and sisters in Pakistan know that they are not alone. 
Will you help?
Will you follow Matt 25:34-40 or will you not hear the cry of our brothers and sisters in Christ?
Will Christ Turn His Face from you and say I knew you not?
Will our brothers and sisters in Christ have cause to recite Psalm 69 about your callous and cold heart or will they be able to say How Great is Our God?

About Revivalist George Jenkins
 I first met Revivalist George Jenkins when he came to speak at Omemee Christian Outreach. George is filled with the compassion of Christ, and Holy Sprit moves mightily when George prays. There are only two men of God that I have personally met whose eyes shine brightly with the compassion of Christ - George Jenkins, and the late John Popowich.
George came to Christ later in life after a life of pain and lashing out in pain. He was the first man to be ordained as a minister while in prison in Ontario. George has been used mightily by God around the world to bring forth evidence of Holy Spirit where people are thirsty for the presence of God.

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