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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hotel Dieu for Women - Progress Report - Prayers Welcome

First Hotel Dieu for Women Opening Soon! 

 Here is an update on our first Hotel Dieu for Women.
We are getting closer to welcoming refugee women and children.
Image - Hotel Dieu for Women - Fauquier Ontario
Hotel Dieu for Women - Fauquier Ontario Opening Soon

Your continued prayers would be appreciated.

Latest Hotel Dieu for Women News - In  Brief

We need an appraisal of the home and insurance in order to complete the process of getting a mortgage since my father's estate still has not come through.
 The vendors have agreed to a Nov 5th closing extension and we are still trying to find out the closing costs.
One possible first mortgage has been found through Robert of Mortgage Ontario for $24K -see below.
Bibles for Missions may be interested in helping us set up a gently used store which would serve the community and also provide needed skills training for the women at the Hotel Dieu for Women.
UHaul is interested in helping us set up a storage facility and UHaul business - no franchise fees only internet and phone costs - about $30 per month and potential monthly earnings of $300 from UHaul . This will give us the ability to help women needed relocation.
We have been offered lumber for building furniture ie bunk beds by Harry Peeters of Omemee Christian Outreach - please pray for tools, willing hands and mattresses.
We have been offered a fundraising Blue Grass Gospel concert - please pray for a venue.
A very talented Baker may be joining us to offer training in both plain baking and cooking and cake decorating and help us to set up a cafe and bakery so women can earn money towards the paths to which God is calling them.
 Your prayers for our first Hotel Dieu for Women would be very much appreciated as we transition into our first opening.
What is a Hotel Dieu for Women? 
Hostel of God for Women
Hotel Dieu for Women in my understanding of the vision and dream I received is as follows:
Hotel Dieu for Women:
 Whether it is for an hour , a day, or a season
 A place for Women to BE and 
See themselves through the Loving Eyes of God.
It is a smoke free, scent-free inter-generational home where women take part in Bible study, as well as life skills such as gardening,cooking,crocheting, knitting, sewing and are restored into the destiny God has determined for them.
Why Fauquier Ontario? 
The floor plan of the building in Fauquier Ontario is amazingly like the dream God gave me. A Hotel Dieu for Women is desperately needed in the Cochrane Ontario Area. You can confirm this with the Cochrane Food Bank and Cochrane Victim Services.
God placed the following location across my path through the prayers of Guy Durette and his wife and has set many divine appointments in place regarding it including a doctor willing to visit once a month and give refugees free medical check ups.
Formerly this was a 3 bedroom apartment, grocery store and restaurant. It has a huge Quonset behind the building and parking for 15 vehicles. It is located on lots 37-39 Government Road (Hwy 11) Fauquier Ontario
You will find links to the following below:

We are down to the wire. The funds need to come through by November 5th, 2015.
A Snapshot of the History of Hotel Dieu for Women
We were told I would be receiving at least $50K  from my father's estate by March 31st.
After much prayer and consultation, we made an offer of $58K with a Vendor take back of $10K on a property that was listed originally at $144K.
Donald and Denise LaMontagne of Fauquier generously accepted this offer.
March 31st only part of the estate funds were released($25K) because 2 pieces of property still needed to be sold.
This $25 K is on deposit with the lawyer Garth Whitford LLC towards the purchase of the property.
The vendors have agreed to a Vendor Take Back Second Mortgage of $10K at 5% amortized over 25 years. Therefore, we need the difference plus closing costs, insurance and a down payment for the heat and hydro.
Help getting to Fauquier and furniture, bedding etc would be greatly appreciated as well.
The vendors have just agreed to extend the closing date to November 5th.
Now my father's estate funds need to come through, or we need a mortgage to come through by November 30th 2015.

Costs Hotel Dieu for Women

Here are some of the costs involved in setting up our first Hotel Dieu for Women.
Please pray for all those who are supporting us in this endeavor.

  • $58K Building purchase price: $58K vs $!44K Thanks to the generosity of Donald and Denise LaMontange of Fauquier Ontario 
  • $500 Home Inspection -$500 vs $1200 Thanks to the generosity of the Durette Family Timmons Ontario - Guy Durette 
  • $200 est Appraisal 
  • $6K est. Insurance 
  •  $1K est Downpayment for heat 
  • $1K est Down payment for heat 
  • $1K est taxes -2012 taxes - $892
  • $40 Used Dryer - at Cochrane Food bank 
  • $50 Replacement Window
  • $300 - Seal Basement Wall
  • $425 Nonprofit status application and book keeping set up vs ? - thanks to the generosity of Revivalist George Jenkins of Revival Fire Council
  • $75 additional name search required due to Government of Canada leaving application on their desk too long 
  • Women's Study Bibles - $25 each
  • Bedding, a stove, toiletries,linens and everything needed for a home
Funds paid out/available 

  • $25 K in trust towards purchase at Garth Whitford LLC 
  • $500 deposit paid to vendors 
  • $500 paid for home inspection 
  • $425 paid for name search 
Mortgages Available 

  • $10K VTB @ 5% amortized over 25 years =$50 per month 
  • $24 K @8% through Robert Merlin at Ontario Mortgages - interest only payment - $1933.33 per month this adds $5K to the cost with a disclosure rate of only 25.241% vs 60% Thanks to the generosity of Robert Merlin and Family Toronto Ontario Mortgage Ontario 
Pending Funds 

  • 25-30K from my father's estate 
Mortgage Brokers Currently now actively searching for a mortgage for us include:

  • Ron Ashmore Omemee Ontario
  • Peter Menicucci Toronto <>
  • Robert Merlin ​Toronto
Prayers for the Town of Fauquier to find a dentist​ and another doctor would be greatly appreciated. The Town of Fauquier offers free offices for these professionals and also free building lots on which anyone can build a home.
Suzanne Sholer for Refurbished Homes By Refurbished People
God has plans for you: Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a future filled with hope​. from Jeremiah 29:11
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May God Bless you as you bless others,

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