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Saturday, 14 November 2015

God Provides - Our Miracle Bed!

Miracle Bed Provision! 

We'd been looking for a budget-friendly mattress for my daughter for several weeks. Then, the other night, the airbed my daughter had been sleeping on really developed serious problems - a baffle blew making a huge hump in the middle of the bed!
Oh no! How were we going to be able to meet this new expense?
We Thought We Needed a Mattress But God Had a Better Plan
I prayed to God standing on His promise that He supplies all our needs. [Matthew 6:28 Philippians 4:19]
I then declared He would find the best solution for us.

Faith the Belief in Things Unseen as Though They Were

I left a message with our church to find out if anyone might be getting rid of a couch or a mattress that I could use, so my daughter could have my mattress.
At the same time, other expenses ping-ponged around in my head

  •  My daughter needed to take a donation of $10 to the church youth group for a shopping trip for The Refuge, and 
  • I needed to pay $20 to cover the cost of instructional handouts for my church membership. 
While I could deal with not completing the membership course, I couldn't bear to let my daughter and The Refuge down.
I checked our bank account once again - nope - none of our advertisers had released a payment yet. There was just enough for our car insurance. We needed milk and eggs and I had $60 in cash.
"Lord," I thought in anguish,"If we could find a mattress or sofa for $40, then we could give to The Refuge too." 
I went out to go online and see what I might discover on the internet, but something prompted me to go into the Habitat for Humanity store. There was a couch to the right of the entrance, expectantly I checked the tag -$125 and sold.
"Oh my," I thought "Perhaps they have a mattress." 
But there was no mattress.
After looking for some bolts, I headed towards the door.
There was another sofa.
Hopefully, I checked the tag - $125.
Then I spotted the love seat.
Would it fit my budget?
Unbelievably, it was just as I'd prayed - $40!
We moved my mattress into my daughter's room and made up the love seat as a bed for myself.

The Perfect Bed Found for Me

While you might wonder at someone using a love seat as a bed, it is the PERFECT solution for me. Because my veins are still inefficient, I need to sleep with my legs raised, and the asthma that has plagued me since last November is alleviated when I can sleep with my head raised.
No more struggling to keep pillows in place.
Sleeping with my ankles on one overstuffed arm of the loveseat, and my head and shoulders on the other is a perfect solution for me!
I am so grateful to have a place to sleep after becoming homeless this spring.

Mini Money Miracle 

Oh, and the $10 I wanted to give to The Refuge?
Later that day, going through yet another box from my father's estate I discovered…
... you guessed it
- a ten dollar bill!
Thank you, Father, for supplying all our needs.
Why was our donation to The Refuge so important to my heart?
Check out The Refuge website and perhaps Holy Spirit will speak to your heart too.
Thanks for reading!
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