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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Yvon Grzela Fauquier Artist Glorifying God!

Fauquier Ontario Artist Yvon Grzela Glorifying God Through Unique Carvings and Sculptures!

Matthew 25 Verses 34-35 Reminds us to offer strangers shelter.
When we arrived exhausted at the future home of the Fauquier Hôtel Dieu for Women, last week, Yvon Grzela  and his wife Jeannette welcomed us with true northern hospitality.
You would be amazed to see what Yvon and his wife get up to in their basement!
They have a huge mirror that aids them in practicing their ballroom dancing!
In addition to ballroom dancing, Yvon has another very unique hobby through which
he glorifies God.
What is so different about this artist?
Yvon, creates intricate carvings of nature, farm life and crucifixion scenes using an unusual medium in addition to huge sculptures.
Here is a picture of Yvon with one of his amazing crucifixion scenes.
Yvon Grzela - Christian Sculpter 

Yvon Grzela Antler Artist - Glorifying God!

Have you seen some of Yvon's carvings?
Yvon Grzela, creates intricate carvings from unique woods and antlers as well as larger than life sculptures from trees and concrete. Yvon, who began carving at age 9, says his grandfather was also given the gift of carving.
What would you create from an antler?
Using moose antlers as his inspiration, Yvon carves out beautiful inspirational scenes, playful bears, mushers with sled dogs, majestic moose, beautiful birds, cherished farm scenes and even ballroom dancers!
Have you perhaps seen some of Yvon's artistry? You can find Yvon's sculptures and carvings in many homes and businesses and he is in great demand as a speaker and instructor. Local school children are very fortunate to have Yvon visit their classroom each year to inspire their artistic skill and Yvon is an active participant in the Fauquier Arts Club where artists can work on their creations and gain inspiration from each other.
Only $40 a year!

Yvon Grzela Creates Life Size and Larger than Life Artworks

One of our favourite sculptures that Yvon has created is this  crucifixion that stands in the Fauquier cemetery.
Christ by Yvon Grzela 

Yvon created the life-size sculpture from coloured concrete lovingly depicting the sacrifice Christ made for each of us - giving his life so we might have eternal life.
Mounted on an aluminum cross, so it will not rust, you can find this beautiful sculpture in the cemetery just west of Fauquier.

Yvon Grzela - Priceless Artwork

Yvon, a humble artisan credits God with his gift and has an air of surprise at how in demand his art work has become.
"I used to have a website, but I had to take it down, because I couldn't keep up with the orders," Yvon shared with us adding "I now have orders to keep me busy until next Christmas."
To date, the carving of Yvon's that has sold for the most money was commissioned by a local GM Dealer - which he accepted along with $10K in exchange for a pick up truck!
Yvon also carves on a wide variety of unique woods- some of the most popular being old barn boards commissioned into carvings of family farms, cedar stumps transformed into marsh birds, and canoe paddles to commemorate special loved ones.
Would you be interested in meeting Yvon too?
He has several shows scheduled for the upcoming year. Please drop me a comment and I'll be happy to post his upcoming shows on this blog.
Thanks for reading! Let's keep in touch!
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May God Bless you today and always,