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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Dream:Message About Ken Follet - Farmer!

God Uses the Humble and Unexpected to Baffle the Evil One!

As I was preparing to go to church a wave of weakness came over me. I was suddenly so tired that I had to lay down RIGHT THEN. Here is the message I received as I can best recall it.
Do you know Ken Follett? I don't but his name was VERY clear in the first part of the dream.

Ken Follet's Corner Farm Market - Known to God! 

In the dream I was sitting on the back of a horse-drawn hay wagon -as if i were on a hay ride with several other people.
A woman needing healing was put before me.
"Lord," I prayed"This woman needs your healing touch."  
"Where are you?" came the surprising reply.  
"I'm close to Food Land," I replied naming a large grocery chain store. In the dream, I was surprised, and thought "Why is God asking this? He knows where we are at all times!"  
"Where?" came the question again.  
"I'm close to National Grocers,"I answered naming another nearby grocery chain.  
"Where?" once again came the question.  
Exasperated, I shouted"Just down the road from Ken Follett's corner farm gate stand.  
"Send the woman there." came the response. 
I told the woman to walk down the road to Ken Follett's A few minutes later she was back exclaiming,'I'm healed! I'm healed!".
Then, a young boy was presented before me needing healing. 
"Lord, this boy needs your healing touch "I prayed. "Send him to Ken Follett's," came the reply. 
This boy son returned healed and praising God.
Next, a very old man was presented for prayer, and again the direction was once again to send him to Ken Follett's farm gate stand.
"The Wagon Driver" turned in His seat and asked,"Why do you think this is happening?" Puzzling over what had happened, I replied "Could it be a point of contact? or that they need to step out in a show of faith?" 
Immediately I thought of Jesus healing the lepers and they were healed as they went.
"Why not send them to one of the grocery stores -places they would know?" I wondered. 
A booming pronouncement came:
" I am the Lord Your God. I no nothing of this Food Land nor National Grocers, but Ken Follet's Farm Gate Stand I know." 
Like a flash it came clear to me - God uses the unexpected and humble - a shepherd boy becomes a king, a rejected brother sold into slavery becomes a King's right hand, a stable is the birth place of Our King - Jesus Christ.
"Wow!" I exclaimed, "I wonder if Ken Follett knows how many people will be healed through the ministry of his farm gate stand? 
"The Wagon Driver" smiled at my exuberance "Why don't you tell his son?" 
I realized then that Ken Follett's son needed to understand that the contribution his father made to the world through his simple farm gate stand was MUCH MORE significant than he could imagine.
Just hen a man drove up on a tractor - Ken Follet's son.
It seemed as though he was trying to decide which large grocery chain to join.
I felt at a loss for words for this man's heart was hardened toward God.
Would he even hear the encouragement I had for him? Would he even care?
"Lord," I prayed, "Soften the heart of this man so he will hear your message of encouragement.
Then the dream changed, but that's for another post.
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