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Friday, 22 January 2016

Wishful Thinking Dream - Oh to be Warm!

Wishing for Warmth in Fauquier Ontario!

Last night I dreamt about someone covering me with blankets, drawing me a hot bath and having clean clothes to wear. These simple things were an absolute pleasure, especially since the difficulties we've encountered with the heat and water since moving into our new home in Fauquier.
What happened to make such simple things the content of a wishful thinking dream?
Here's a bit of an update of what's been happening in Fauquier.

Needing Heat and Water in Fauquier

When we arrived in Fauquier, we stepped into our new home expecting it to be as warm and cozy as when we placed the offer on the property, last March to our shock, we could see our breath and the temperature on the thermostat read 49 degrees. The former owner said they'd fix the furnace on the restaurant side in November. What on earth had happened?
Moving into the apartment side, we discovered it felt even colder!
We'd had a home inspection, and many items had been written into the offer that the former owners had promised to fix, had they not repaired them?

November Inspection Showed Impending Problems

On November 5th, when Sherrie G accompanied me to Fauquier to begin cleaning and ensure the pipes wouldn't freeze by meeting the gas company representative, the vendor had assured us not to worry, that he would be winterizing the pipes and make sure the heat was on.
 However, when I asked if we could walk through and I could at least show the property to Sherrie, we discovered there had been a leak in the ceiling and the furnace on the restaurant side of the building wasn't working. Although the property did not close that day, I had already arranged for the hydro and gas to be transferred that day into our name. The vendors said they could not close until November 16th, and we could not stay away that long. After the vendor said he was ensure that the leak and furnace were fixed, and he would also ensure that the pipes would not freeze before we could return, we left.
Arriving home,12 hours south of Fauquier we received a call from the vendor saying that they could close on November 12th after all. Having believed the vendor would ensure the property would be taken care of - after all the vendor was holding a second mortgage. I then was caught up in a whirlwind of urgent medical care problems for myself and my daughter -including my daughter being in a strange coma state for 25 hours and having tachycardia and a very low potassium level.

January - No Heat- No Hot Water

Finally, we arrived on January 4th - expecting the vendors would have been true to their word. What did we find? Well… the water had been turned off, but one furnace would not come on at all and the other would only blow hot for 5 minutes before blowing cold air.
The vendors came and turned on the water for the building, but said there was a leak in the pipes on the apartment side.
A leak?
That's the understatement of the year!
The hot water heater for the apartment had a gas violation ticket on it and the water pipes in the apartment side had numerous leaks, and one pipe had even completely fallen off.
The home inspector visited and pronounced that the piping for the apartment section would need to be totally replaced and pointed out that there had been repeated flooding of the apartment basement - evidenced by the phosphorescence on the boards retaining the crawl space earth.

The Importance of Changing Furnace Filters!

We discovered the furnace filter for the restaurant side had not been changed in about 2 years - apparently this had caused the limit switch to give out.  The furnace on the apartment side had no filter at all and we are still trying to find out which size filter to purchase for it.

Vendors Attempts to Remedy Situation

Since then, the vendor called a furnace repair person for the apartment side and handed us the bill, then soldered the water pipes back together. He went into the crawl space and discovered the restaurant side furnace had four lights flashing, read through the owner's manual and discovered the code meant that the limit switch had a problem, and he gave us the name and number of another furnace repair person.
As for the hot water for the apartment side?
The vendor said if we ran the hot water for a long time it should circulate through the tank from the other tank We ran the hot water full blast through three faucets from 6 am to 11pm, and never got one drop of hot water.
The vendor is insisting that the phosphor on the retaining boards had been there when we placed the offer, but this was not indicated on our home inspection report, the only sign of mould was a small amount on the brick wall and the home inspector would have definitely noted it, since I was coming from a mould problem.
We have also discovered that the exterior plug for our block heater does not work either.
So this brings us to our current state of affairs:
Prayers are very much appreciated to restore our home to the condition in which we placed the offer on it. 
We need:
  • Heat on the restaurant side 
  • Hot water on the apartment side 
  • To find out what size filter the furnace on the apartment side requires. T
  • The moldy retaining wall and any mold behind it removed 
  • The exterior plug to work so we can plug in our van block heater 
Prayers also appreciated for my asthma and allergies to stop being affected by the mould.
Thanks for reading! Let's keep in touch!
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May God Bless you,