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Friday, 26 February 2016

2016 Northern Interdenominational Ladies and Teens Christian Retreat!

 37th Annual Northern Interdenominational Ladies and Teens Christian Retreat!

February 26th to February 28th, 2016, the 37th Annual Northern Interdenominational Ladies and Teens Christian Retreat will take place in Timmons Ontario., a couple of hours south of us in Fauquier, Ontario. I was thrilled to see the title "Interdenominational" verses "Non-denominational", it is a term that has spoken to my heart for many years.
This post contains prayer requests for the conference and a bit about the speaker, and topic of the conference.

Has God Blessed you with the opportunity to attend the 37th Annual Northern Interdenominational Ladies and Teens Christian Retreat in Timmons Ontario.?

Pursuing Holiness - 2016 Northern Ladies Retreat!

 The theme of this weekend's conference is Pursuing Holiness.focussing on 1 Peter 1:16.
The speaker for this conference is Mary-Lue Mahaffey a woman who has been pursuing holiness for many years.

Who Is Mary-Lue Mahaffey? 

image   2016 Northern Ladies Christian Conference Speaker :Mary - Lue Mahaffey
2016 Northern Ladies Conference Speaker :Mary - Lue Mahaffey
Born in the Phillippines, Mary- Lue has been called by God to serve in Northern Ontario. She is a passionate Bible teacher small group facilitator and mentor. Mary- Lue grew up in the GTA and later lived in Sudbury where she attended Laurentian University and served in InterVarsity student leadership. She has taught in a Torchbearer School overseas in Sweden and completed her Masters of Theology in Hamilton Ontario.
Mary-Lue Mahaffey is a passionate Bible teacher, small group facilitator and mentor. She loves opening God’s Word in communities and seeing people draw closer to the Lord.  Mary - Lue worked for the Alberta government as a youth worker on a Native Reserve in the Rockies and since been heavily involved in working alongside the Anishinaabe people in Northern Ontario.
One of Mary - Lue's greatest desires is to know and love God and see others experience His deep love.
She has spoken at Women’s Retreats, Youth Gatherings and various churches in Ontario and Sweden. Her desire is to see God’s truth and love transform the lives of people God is working in and invites her to be a part of.
In her free time Mary-Luecan be found snowboarding, playing basketball and other sports, along with exploring the outdoors and the beauty of God’s creation with friends, 'little sisters’ and family. Currently Mary-Lue is transitioning to live in the North and work full time in Native communities as a part of DayStar Native Outreach in partnership with her home church.

2016 Northern Interdenominational Ladies and Teens Christian Retreat :Prayer Requests 

Please lift up the speaker and all the women attendees in prayer. Mary- Lue just arrived this morning at 4 am after facing numerous cancelled flights. She must have a very important message to be coming under such strong attack!
The Lord is bringing many women of God together for this conference. Please lift them up in prayer and ask God will speak to their hearts and help them return safely to their communities re-energized with passion and vision for sharing God's Word with others.
There are two women at the Smooth Rock Falls Bethel Pentecostal Church who would love to attend this conference. Please pray for them to get a ride to the conference in Timmons and back.
Since we just found out about the retreat, and will need an oil change before we go anywhere, unless there is a miracle, we will be preparing to welcome potential travellers here at our home in the Hôtel Dieu for Women Fauquier, Ontario. Please pray for God's guidance and discernment and for God to help us prepare a welcoming place for weary travellers.
Thanks for reading! Let's keep in touch!
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May God Bless you today and always,

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