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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Review-Max Lucado DVD 3:16 Stories of Hope!

Stories of Hope - John 3:16 Study DVD by Max Lucado - Review 

This review is not sponsored. I purchased Max Lucado Stories of Hope at a local Dollarama.

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Max Lucado DVD Review: 3:16 Stories of Hope
" Wow!"I thought,"What a great deal!"
My thoughts changed when we arrived home.
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Trying to open the packaging on the DVD was a challenge, to put it mildly.

Max Lucado DVD -Stories of Hope - My Challenges!

The Lucado Inspirational Reader:
Hope and Encouragement for Your Everyday Life
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"I hope I can get this open this century," I silently fumed as the packaging defied my efforts to get it open.
Finally with the aid of an extremely sharp knife and extra elbow grease I was in!
When the DVD loaded, I was a bit puzzled as to what to do. Usually, movie menus are self-explanatory - Play, Scene Selection, Special Features.
This menu?
3:16 Stories of Hope
Wherever You Are
         Short Film
Note: Wherever You Are is a must see vignette for young women and parents of teens - an excellent parenting lesson done with the mind of Christ. After choosing Chapters, the next screen was clearer: Play All and a list of the 12 Chapters.

Max Lucado 3:16 Stories of Hope DVD Chapters 

Max Lucado 3:16 Stories of Hope has twelve short chapters.

  1. The Most Famous Conversation in the Bible
  2.  No One Like Him 
  3. Hope for the Hard Heart 
  4. When You Get Booted Out 
  5. The One and Only 
  6. The Heart He Offers 
  7. Heaven's Whoever Policy
  8. Believe and Receive 
  9. God's Gracious Grip 
  10. Hell's Supreme Surprise 
  11. What Makes Heaven Heavenly 
  12. The Last Word on Life
 and the Conclusion: The 3:16ed Life
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Max Lucado's Stories of Hope 3:16 - My Opinion

 In this DVD, Max Lucado shares personal glimpses that illustrate the Love God has for us in John 3:16. Rather than Stories of Hope, I would rename this DVD Stories of Love. The stories are related in a down to earth easy going atmosphere of ordinary daily settings: a coffee shop, back porch, by a farm field. The style makes it possible to envision yourself sharing this good news with others in a similar setting. The photography and titles on the scenes is quite unique and must be seen to be appreciated.
The personal glimpses drew on my heart strings with a gamut of emotions - from laughter when Max quips" By now you must be thinking I have the IQ of a screwdriver", to the touching remembrance of his Uncle Billie's end of life reassurance of God's Love.
Each chapter in Max Lucado's Stories of Hope is brief enough to watch the entire DVD in one sitting, as I did. However, the format also lends itself well to a continuing Bible study - each chapter being rich with points to ponder and further explore. I believe that like me, you to will want to go back through the DVD and take more time to explore each of the chapters as it relates to your life.
For me, the tone lends itself more to an evening Bible study, as the music is quite somber.
Max Lucado - Difficult Times - He Knows You - 6 Premium Cards

Max Lucado 3:16 Stories of Hope DVD - Verdict

Am I glad I persisted in wrenching the DVD from its ornery packaging?
So, if you get a Max Lucado 3:16 Stories of Hope DVD with ornery packaging, persist! You will be glad you did.
Well I'm off to write a request to Max Lucado to ask if we can use this excellent DVD as part of a Bible Study in our home at the Hôtel Dieu for Women - Fauquier.
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