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Friday, 3 June 2016

Supernatural Provision Brings This Blog to You!

Praise God! He Provided Internet!
Jesus says in the Bible :
You have not because you ask not."
Is there something you need?
This post is brought to you via God's provision from my bed.
Here is this miracle of provision.

After God preserved my life again by allowing doctors to find the uterine cancer at stage one and remove it so I would not need chemo, I  could not get out of bed for weeks.
Our phone is graciously provided by Cameron Community Church in exchange for doing their Web work and social media.
Without access to the internet, we were in danger of losing our phone.
I called the local ISP providers and found out the cost.
Well,  it would be cheaper to pay for a phone line and we didn't even have wiggle room in the budget for that.
"Lord," I said, "If it is Your Will that we have Internet service so I can continue to do the Web work for Cameron Community Church, you are going to need to provide the funds!"
A few days later, I called the bank to see which payments had come out of our bank account, and had a shock.
Quickly I called the gas company.
"Did you make an error on the amount you took out for our gas bill?" I asked breathlessly.
"No, 9% of our customers had their equal billing for natural gas reduced, and you are part of that group!"
Our gas bill had been $254 a month.
Our new bill?
$151 a month.
God had provided the funds for the Internet!
We would be able to fulfill our obligations to keep our phone.
Praise God!

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May God Bless you,,