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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Decisions! How Do You Decide?

How Do You Decide?

I tried to post this article on LinkedIn, but only have mobile devices and LinkedIn does not allow posting from mobile.
This post about decision making was inspired by a recent conundrum.
Disclosure: Cameron Community Church brought donations to the mission we are setting up in North Eastern Ontario for which we are very grateful.All opinions are my own.
So, what is this conundrum?
Admiral Inn & Conference Center in Kawartha Lakes Ontario recently totally renovated many of their rooms. Cameron Community Church has been offered an excellent preferred rate for attendees of the Believers Conference they are hosting June 10-12, just down the road from the Admiral Inn.
So where does the decision come in?
Well... Admiral Inn has offered two different styles of rooms at the same price - two Quenn sized beds shown above or  King sized bed with a pull out couch, pictured below.
How to decide???
Decisions Made for Us Through Circumstance
Now,  sometimes decisions are made for us due to circumstances. In this case, if there were four of us travelling together, the room with the two beds would be a natural choice.
Have you had circumstances make decisions for you in life?
This can be frustrating, and we need to learn to "bloom where we are planted " in such cases. This was the case the last few weeks as I have been recovering from surgery at home and the charging cord for our laptop broke. What to do?
This is typed on a Samsung Galaxy cell phone!
Decisions Made Difficult Through Abundant Choice
Sometimes, we can be frozen with inaction when we have too many choices. For example, if you were travelling  alone and wanted to treat some friends to a weekend away, how would you choose the  friends to invite?
Simplifying Abundant Choice Decisions
In the past, the best method I've found for making decisions when given abundant choice is a PMI  chart.
Have you used this decision making tool?
With a PMI chart, you list Plus, Minus, and Interesting factors affecting your decision.  Perhaps I might decide to  offer 3 bed spaces by lottery to LinkedIn contacts.
Possibly gain a higher LinkedIn ranking.
May end up with three people who talk louder in their sleep than I do.
Maybe I  would be blessed with a new client for Social Media Services or freelance writing.
PMI charts  actually take so long that the decision would have been made for me - the event would be over! No one would be able to go!
Ancient Decision Making Method Revived
The past few years I've used a much simpler decision making method - with astounding results!
What is this ancient secret?
Written on ancient scrolls in Hebrew and Greek, we see people  in ancient times used thus secret to arrive at remarkable results!
Whole nations were even saved from certain death by using this secret.
It is quite simple:
Seek God's Face in all things!
I was too.
Until I was finally faced with  a problem there was absolutely no way I  could solve.
I was blown away with His amazing solution after my first earnest chat.  Money appeared in an old bank account and ... well that's another story. 
A coincidence?
Not when the solutions happen repeatedly.
Have you tried this decision making method?
It"s quite simple, no special words are needed.
Just talk to Him. Ask Him to open your eyes to what His Will is for you and be sincere in being willing to follow His Will.
God always answers. Sometimes it is yes, sometimes - no, sometimes - not yet.
Without a doubt, God has plans for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
Curious about the great rate offered to the Believers Conference Attendees or the Conference itself? Pop over to Cameron Community Church website events page.
Want to hear more about the astounding solutions God has supplied in my life? Check out my personal blog.
Blessings, Suzanne