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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Learning About Our Jewish Heritage Limmud Vaughan 2016!

Curious About Jewish Culture? Limmud Vaughan Offers Jewishr Heritage Insights! 

Scriptures:Zechariah 12, Luke 11:15-32
Too often, we forget we are brothers and sisters of Christ and our brother is the Son, not only of Our Heavenly Father, but He grew up as the earthly surrogate son of a Jewish couple from Galilee. Our Brother lived the life of a devout Jew. He taught in the synagogue. He observed the shabbat and Our Father's appointed feasts.
Since my dream about Jews exercising their religion, something has been tugging at my heart.
We MUST Connect with Our Jewish Heritage to get the whole picture!
Today, I've had hints of the importance of learning about our Jewish Heritage scattered along my path. This post has three items from my day each connected to this theme whispering to my heart.
What were these three items placed on my path today?

Three Reminders to Cherish Our Jewish Heritage 

1.Our Father Welcoming Prodigal Children Home 
Early this morning, a YouTube video was placed across my path - an interview on Jewish Voice with Dean Braxton who was dead for 1hour 45 minutes and met Christ in Heaven.
What stands out in your mind when you watch this interview with Dean Braxton on Jewish Voice?

img medical Report Excerpt Prolonged Cadiac Arrest Prolonged CPR

One thing that stood out for me in this interview is the revelation Dean Braxton said he received about the parable of  Prodigal Son.
This parable has always been dear to my heart as a saved sinner knowing that Our Father welcomed us home with joyful celebration.
Oh, we may think we know the meaning, but no, the parable is not about backslidden Christians who turn their back on Our Father, then return.
Think for a minute, when Christ told this parable, THERE WERE NO CHRISTIANS!
According to the revelation Dean Braxton received, the son at home is the Christian church, and the Prodigal Son is the Jews who are now coming home to Our Father, who is rejoicing.
When I re-read the parable, I  saw there is an important cautionary part for the Christian church to heed.
Does it speak to your heart too?
2.We Need Accurate Hebrew Translations
Next, another video about the anti-Christ, had me scrambling to look at the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures for fact checking.
Was it true that the English word anti-Christ is merely an Anglicized pronunciation of the Hebrew and Greek words?
Has the true meaning of these words been obscured for eons with an incorrect translation?
Is the true translation a word that means substitute?
Vicar - a person who substitutes themselves for Our Heavenly Father?
I found myself praying for a skilled Hebrew scholar to consult about this.
3.Open Ourselves to Hear and Learn 
Third, an opportunity to learn more about out Jewish heritage was placed across my path this evening -an event in Vaughan Ontario on September 18th - Limmund Vaughan.
What is Limmud?
Here is an explanation from the Limmud Toronto Website.

What is Limmud? 

“Wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.”

Limmud is a global, innovative and pluralistic Jewish learning experience that has been presented in the Toronto Jewish community since 2004.

At Limmud, every teacher is a learner and every learner a teacher. Limmud is an opportunity for thinkers, educators, authors, learners, entertainers, artists and foodies to get to know one another and to enrich each other.

The outstanding success of Limmud, initially founded in the UK, has inspired over 60 communities in 24 countries to run local weekends and one-day experiences, and we are excited as ever to present Limmud on our shores. 
September 18, 2016, Limmud Toronto is offering a Taste of Limmud in Vaughan.

This could be a wonderful opportunity to gain greater understanding of our Jewish heritage.
I have so many questions I would like to ask, especially about Jewish wedding customs :

  • How could Jacob not realize he had been given Leah instead of Rachel?
  • What is the meaning of the Protector Redeemer in the story of Ruth and Boaz?
  • Why didn't Adam snatch the fruit from Eve and throw it on the ground to protect her and keep her safe?
As we prepare ourselves to be the bride of Christ for His Return, questions of marriage and dreams of weddings are prominent in my mind.
What would you like to learn?

Will I be there?
I would love to have this opportunity.
If Our Father Wills it, I know He Will arrange it.
The Limmund Toronto website offers an opportunity to  Get a Taste of Limmud in Vaughan to whet your appetite for the upcoming Limmud Toronto March 2017.
What is happening at Limmud Vaughan?
Limmud Vaughan offers three hours of Jewish learning and programming for the entire family at the Schwartz Reisman Centre September 18, 2016 from 3-6pm.
New to Limmud?
This is a great opportunity to get a Taste and see what it is all about.
 Already love Limmud?
Get a mid-year Taste to keep you going until March.
This inclusive festival of Jewish learning celebrates the rich diversity of Jewish culture and heritage and enriches the spirit, mind, and heart across generations and communities.
Babysitting tickets are available to purchase online as are advance tickets.Purchasing advance tickets will save you 50%  and tickets are available at the door.
See the Limmud Toronto website and click "Get Tickets" for more information.

Has the importance of connecting with the origins of the Christianity been calling to your heart?

I  would love to hear where you are feeling to be lead on your path.

May God Bless you today and always,

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