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Sunday, 14 August 2016

August 13, 2016 Fifth Christian Birthday Celebration!

Happy Re-Birthday To Me!

August 13, 2011, was the beginning of a very different life for me.
I went to an event a skeptic knowing about Christ and came home knowing Christ.
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The changes and adventures I have been through with Our Heavenly Father are incredible.
Yesterday, I  received yet another healing.
Here is what I posted when I arrived home from the Omemee Outreach at the beach.
img Miracles Happen August 13 2011Facebook  Testimony Suzanne Sholer
Miracles Happen! August 13 2011 

If you would like to share your miracle on my Facebook status about the miracle I received or comment on it, you can find it at
What I did not post at that time, was how I learned that when Paul wrote he was crucified with Christ, it was not just flowery words.
One year to that date, Our Father saved my physical life when I was foolish enough to be lured into the sin of pride.
Here are a few of the things that have happened in the past 5 years.
Have any of these things happened to you after being born again?

Evidence of a New Life - Born Again

Many New Testament scriptures speak of being born again.Did you know that it is mentioned in the First Testament too? Ezekiel mentions having The Spirit of Our Lord.Ezekiel  36:26-27.

  • Receiving Holy Spirit Teaching - I began waking up with scriptures or Praise and Worship songs in my mind.
  • Supernatural Provision. Some of these are so strange they belong in Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum!
  • Gift of Tongues. Shortly after that, I received the gift of tongues and began singing in tongues at times in a higher register than my regular contralto.
  • Oppportunity to Visit Hell. I  received an incredible spiritual beating. I  would not wish my worst enemy into that pit.
  • Hunger to know Our Father more.
  • Enjoyment in being a Bride of Christ. Small gifts indicative of Our Father's Love appear out of no where. Plus a very unusual occurrence when I  backslid.
  • Gifts of Knowledge. I started receiving more words of knowledge for people and ministries during praise and worship that were extremely unusual, yet verified by the people.
  • Gifts of Prophecy. I was given more vivid and prophetic dreams and visions.
  • Miraculous Healings: Incredible strength restored, Removal of Fibromyalgia, Removal of Permanent nerve damage,Living despite doctor's verdicts, Walking despite doctor's verdicts, PTSD removed, Infection removed, Skin healing before our eyes, Hematoma removed, Early detection of uterine cancer, Removal of incontinence.
  • Watchman Assignments. These are overwhelming warnings for people.
  • Divine Appointments. Both for my daughter and myself.
  • Called to Pray for Others. Seeing Our Father answer prayers.
  • Unusual Animal Interactions : Protected by wasps, Small animals appearing to "chat" with me - not that I understand what they say yet.
  • Scriptural Revelations. Scripture given ahead of and in response to situations, Supernatural interpretation of Scripture.
  • Called into Specific Ministry. Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People and Hôtel Dieu for Women. 
  • Experiencing Difficult Life Lessons for Ministry Preparation. Learning not to lean on my understanding and to only rely on Our Father, because people often do not follow through.

Yesterday, I  learned a new lesson about striving to be a doorway and not a doormat while dealing with people who are using the Food bank we are running as an outreach.
I had hoped to attend a women's day put on by someone in a local congregation and dressed ready for a ride to a Christian Women's Event, but no ride came. I guess Our Father needed me to be at home.
However, Our Father provided me with 10 ripe blueberries and two ripe miniature tomatoes!
I also had the surprise privelege  of attending the 24th Anniversary of Go & Tell the Word Ministries via telephone thanks to Cameron Community Church.
There was a very enjoyable message comparing the importance of bringing your car for servicing to bringing your soul to a Christian service.
During the event, Pastor Pamela's ordaination speech struck a chord within me.
It echoed my reluctance to become ordained - "Why do I  need a piece of paper to do Our Father's work?"
This is something I am still debating.

New Healing Received!

At the end of the day, I  received a new healing.
Fireworks Bring Realization of Healing

Let me explain.
When I received the news of the death of my youngest brother, it was a great shock. Since it was Victoria Day, fireworks have been a great trigger of despair for me for many years. Several doctors said they doubted I would ever recover from that shock.
Yesterday, as volleys of Fireworks exploded in our small ort to celebrate their founder's day, I  realized a new Peace within me.
I  was actually enjoying the sound of the fireworks!
What a wonderful 5th anniversary present to receive!

Each day when I  get up, I  look forward to whatever Our Father has in store for me.
My life belongs to Christ.
Each breath I take reminds me that I  would not be alive except through the grace of Our Heavenly Father.
I cherish the ability to share what is on my mind with you.
What a privilege this is indeed!

Thanks for reading!
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May God Bless you on your path,