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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Our Father - Loving Guidance Through Storms!

Our Father Works Me Through Blue Funk!

Scriptures :
Ps.34:17-20; Na. 1:7
Have you ever gotten into a funk where you were sobbing and crying out to Our Father?
My day started like that yesterday.
All the past weeks and months of burdens, seemed just too heavy.
Like cumulus clouds stacked one upon another, past months' problems pressed on one another.
Tears coursed down my cheeks -an accompaniment for the drizzling rain in thr pre-dawn hours.
Image cumulus storm clouds as my problems seemed
Crying Out to Our Father - Being Heard
I was feeling very broken and very alone early yesterday morning.
In the midst of crying out, a voice came to my window!

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Who was at my bedroom window calling my name before the sun was up?

Voice in the Dark

A neighbour I hadn’t heard from in months was standing outside by bedroom window in the rain. The 6:30 a.m. bus had driven past as she was trying to flag it down. She needed to catch it to be at an appointment in Southern Ontario 12 hours from our tiny northern village.
Could I help her try to catch up to the bus?

Busy Day Praying for Others' Storms

That was the beginning of a very busy day of Divine appointments with others experiencing storms.:

  • A senior sister in the Lord whose husband's pride would not allow any outside help with his medical care.
  • Two cancer survivors who'd also had to go through long wait times in their treatment process. 
  • A woman whose granddaughter – like my daughter, had not been heard from by anyone in months. 
  • A man who had also been scorned by food bank clients he served while recovering from surgery. 
  • A young couple, starting over with only the clothes on their backs, as I had a few months ago. 

Sonshine Breaks Through Clouds

It was also a day of blessings:
Holley Gerth -Helpful Christian Gift:
Under God's Umbrella:Gifts of Hope and Encouragement to Shelter Life's Storms
  • Pulling the phone out and finding it set to play Rejoice in the Lord Always.
  • Meeting a woman whose husband’s cancer diagnosis had been reversed after prayer and a strict healthy diet with supplements. 
  • Picking up the phone after charging to discover it open on the Bible with Jer. 29: 11 highlighted! 
  • Finding a working stove for $30, a DVD player for $5, a computer monitor for $5 - all things that had quit in the past weeks. 
  • Getting milk, eggs, potatoes and cabbage for our village food bank in addition to more cereal. 
  • Discovering how Smooth Rock Falls ESSO blesses customers on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Getting mark-down fruit and veggies for our home and the food bank. 
  • Discovering neighbours who were also helping others. 
  • Having helping hands to bring the stove and food into the respite and offers to help get things back on track. 
  • An opportunity to be the hands for Kawartha Fenelon Mission and the Cochrane Food Bank – distributing clothes and food. 
  • An opportunity to share prayer requests on the Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People Facebook page.
At the end of the day, I was too exhausted to care anymore that my first six month cancer check up was going to be put off till at least seven and a half months, because there is no doctor to do the check up until mid-November.
Our Father had kept me meeting new people and busy about His Work all day.
Do you know someone weathering a storm?
Perhaps a gift like this could cheer their day:

Under God's Umbrella:Gifts of Hope and Encouragement to Shelter Life's Storms

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May God Bless you  as you go through your storm,