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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Stop Crushing Faith Using Mustard Seed Admonitions!

Killing, Stealing, Destroying Using Mustard Seed Faith Criticisms!

Scriptures : KJV  Matt 17:20, Luke 17:5-6; Matt 13:31-32, Luke 13:18-19

Can you complete this scripture correctly?
If you have faith.....
Stop right there!
Did you say "as big as a mustard seed"?
The Mustard Seed Faith scripture is one of the most misquoted and misunderstood teachings of Christ in the Bible.
It has been twisted to steal the hope of people suffering afflictions.
It has been used to crush and kill the spark of faith of those who choose to believe in Our Father's Love despite their trials.
It has been used to destroy the reputations of Christians who are walking that narrow road fraught with dangers.
What does this scripture truly say?
What does it mean to have "faith as a mustard seed"?
This post has a bit of my journey to understanding what I believe is the true meaning of mustard seed faith.
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How have you arrived at your understanding of mustard seed faith?
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From Condemnation to Appreciation - Mustard Seed Faith 

Growing up, I remember the zipper pull on my sister's Bible. It was a small glass ball holding a tiny mustard seed.
Being a child, I knew nothing about mustard seeds, so it was the size of the mustard seed that impressed me.
To me, the mustard seed scripture was about the amount of faith a person needed to receive a miracle.
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Over the years, I  have heard many people trot out this scripture in criticism of people who were not instantly miraculously  healed of all their afflictions.
These well-meaning souls would point to the woman with the issue of blood whose faith had made her whole and trot out the mustard seed scripture.
People suffering afflictions would be told :
If you had faith as big as a mustard seed, you would be healed.
Sometimes people would even be turned away from altar calls being told
  "There is nothing that can be done for you.You need greater faith to be healed."
At first, I  went along with the crowd nodding yes in agreement.
Think for a minute- had anyone prayed for the woman with the issue of blood?
People would also trot out the scripture where Christ says "Oh ye of little faith."
Think for a minute,  was Christ criticizing the person needing healing?
It was the disciples who were being criticized!

After experiencing and  seeing more miracles, and reading more scripture, something just didn't add up.
The tones of those saying
"If you had faith as a mustard seed" seemed to mirror those who jeered at Christ on the cross.
"If you were truly the Son  of ..."

Having been blessed with many miracles in my life, I do not believe I had bigger faith at one time than another.
So what is this faith as a mustard seed about?

What is Mustard Seed Faith?

A while ago, I  was blessed to hear an excellent teaching about the true meaning of faith as a mustard seed.
If you are a farmer, you will definitely understand what it means to have "faith as a mustard seed".
True, a mustard seed is small, but it is not the size of the seed but its tenacity that is referred to in this scripture.
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Although it is just a tiny seed, it endures and keeps trying until it expands and grows into a mighty tree.
Despite opposition, it continues.
We must continue  to have hope and believe in Our Father's plans even in the face of adversity.
Just as Job would not curse Our Father despite all his ongoing afflictions , we must continue to trust in Our Father even when healing is not immediate.
Just as Christ continued in faith to His ultimate sacrifice on the cross, we must continue to have faith in Our Father's plans.
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We may not know why we may be facing certain trials, but we must continue in faith.
Christ said we must continue to knock as the friend who comes to the door at midnight.
Keep asking!
Keep drawing closer.
Keep asking for revelations and discernment about what we are experiencing.

My Prayer In Times of Trial

 On that day when there is no more sorrow, hunger or pain all will be revealed.
 Until then, my continual prayer must be:
  In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Father, we come to You.
You are Our Miracle worker.
You Have done great and mighty things.
Thank You for allowing us to know of Your Infinite Love through Your Son Who suffered incredible pain, and rejection.
We come to You Father with the prayer of our Brother on our lips. Father, if there be any way that this cup can be removed from me, I know You can do it.
If I need to go through this so some Great Plan will be fulfilled, please help me through this.
Guide me along this difficult path.
Give me Your Peace that Passes Understanding and Fill me to Overflowing with the Joy of the Lord that comes through service to others as in Matthew 25:35-40.
Help me to be a beacon of Your Love so others may be drawn to You and more souls be brought into Your Kingdom.
Thank You Father for Your Promise to meet our daily needs.
Father help us to forgive others. Remove any unforgiveness that may stand in the way of receiving Your Full Blessing.
Thank You Father for being a Good Father and knowing what is best for us. Your Ways are not our ways and Your Thoughts are not our thoughts.
 Thank You for allowing me to be part of Your Plan.

Be Blessed .  Keep on Believing .

May God Bless you today and always,
Thanks for reading!
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