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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Oh Lord Help Us! My Daughter Needs Prayer!

Late Night Emergency Calls

Tonight I received a very shocking phone call. My youngest daughter was being taken to hospital. A few hours later, she was released from hospital with several screws and a razor blade in her bowel. I am praying for God to perform a miracle and dissolve the metal. 
It occurred to me - I am not the only mother crying out to God. Other mothers around the world are crying for God to heal their children too.
This prayer came to me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Oh Lord, hear my cries.
All around the world, there are mothers praying for their children to live right at this very moment. All of us crying, wailing, tears streaming down our faces, some silently others shaking the walls with their cries.
We come before You oh Lord, Creator of Heaven and earth, Alpha and Omega hear our cries.
Together, though separated by many miles, we all come to you in prayer for the lives of our children to be spared.
Let this night be a night of miracles.
Let this night be known as the night of miracles.
Praying, Dear Lord, that our children's lives might be saved under the cover of your love.
Wherever there is another mother like me, alone in her grief, let her be comforted by Your presence.
Let the Holy Spirit fill us all and give rise to our words in the Spirit.
Let my sisters in spirit be strengthened in knowing that we are not alone.
Give us clarity, and give the doctors and caregivers if there are any, clarity and wisdom.
Tonight Lord , Oh Lord I need another miracle!
I ask this in Jesus' name -your Son who died to free us from sicknesses, and give us life everlasting.
By His stripes we are healed.
Whatever we ask in Christ's name, it will be given according to Your will.
Oh Lord help us to accept Your Will!
You are all knowing, and all powerful, the great I AM, source of all life.
Create in us. hearts turned towards you.
Help us to see the opportunities, rather than the walls.
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