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Monday, 20 June 2016

Lionel Richie Dream - Your Opinion?

Will Lionel Richie Produce New Gospel Material?

 Have you ever had a puzzling dream?
 The Bible is full of dreams that turned out to be prophetic. Many of these dreams required dream interpretation due to the message being coded in images. other dreams were more straight forward and easily understood by the dreamers.
How many of the two types of dreams can you remember from the Bible?
Joseph was one of the most famous first testament dreamers, in the second testament we find another Joseph having dreams, and Phillip's dream about the different animals is still much debated.
Usually my dreams are more the straightforward type - like those of Mary's husband.
However, an aspect of the dream I had the other night of Lionel Richie, really had me puzzled.
Why would Lionel Richie be making fabric?
I found as I wrote the dream and told it to others, the meaning became more apparent.

Reading the phrase over, revealed the meaning to me, but in my dream it appeared as fabric.
What was this dream?

Lionel Richie Creating New Material?

I don't dream about famous people often, but the other night I had a very positive dream about Lionel Richie. My apologies to Mr. Richie, but I have to admit, that during the dream and even after, I was thinking "Who is Lionel Richie?"
I'v never been someone to know the names of many people in the entertainment field. So there are many people I could dream about and wonder the same thing.
Even his picture in the dream, didn't ring a bell.

Do you know who Lionel Richie is?
When I googled him, I was truly embarrassed at my lack of knowledge.
Did you know Lionel Richie had the number one hit song for nine years in a row?
Yes, and only one other person has ever had this honour!
Lionel Richie is currently doing a world tour with a two hour show with the compilation of some of his greatest hit songs. 
However, in my dream, Lionel Richie was not singing'
He was presenting new material - shown as fabric.
Here is a brief snapshot of the dream I had featuring Lionel Richie -adapted from my Google plus stream.

Lionel Richie Dream

 Had a strange dream
It was like an ad with a voice over was being shown
" Lionel Richie is creating new material!"
Then it showed a fabric - a silvery mauve  satin with alternating light and darker bands like music notation.
When you touched a band, a person's face appeared singing praises to God.
There was a lot of cheering as this material was demonstrated.
There was tremendous applause, shouting and clapping.
Lionel Richie Dream Interpretation 
When I first woke , I thought perhaps this was going to be some kind of weird new invention - singing fabric?
Who was Lionel Richie? I knew I'd heard his name somewhere before.
I googled Lionel Richie, and there was the picture of the man from my dream.
When I first wrote out the dream, I recorded it as fabric, but later in the day, while recounting the dream to my sister the code unlocked,
I said in my dream Lionel Richie was presenting new material.
New material!
Of course !
Now it made sense. not fabric but material!
Just writing about the dream now again, another piece unlocked.
The bands!
Not bands of fabric, not bands of colour, but BANDS!
Will Lionel Richie use his God given given talents to present new gospel material?
Will bands be touched so people sing praises to God?
I am sure that there will be much rejoicing, should Lionel Richie do this.
I am so sure that it is for such a time as this, that Lionel has received his gifts.

What do you make of this dream?

Thanks for reading!
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May God Bless you as you bless others,