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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

God - His Plot Twist Saved My Life!

Affliction Brings Early Cancer Discovery!

Wondering why you are going through a problem?
Perhaps your problem is a blessing in disguise!
The Bible is full of God turning evil intentions around. This post has some examples of Biblical examples of evil turned to good and my Praise Report.
How many Godly plot twists can you name?

Do you love stories with unexpected endings?
I believe God is the ultimate plot twist master author.
How many plot twists can you recalll?

Biblical Plot Twist Examples

The first plot twist that springs to my mind is the story of Joseph.
Do you remember what happened to him?
Joseph's brothers were so jealous of him, that they were going to murder him, but instead they first threw him in a pit, then a slave trader came along and they sold Joseph into slavery.
Did Joseph abandon his morals?
However, he was imprisoned unjustly after adhering to his principles.
He helped people, and they forgot him, but finally, when God's timing was right, Joseph was given an opportunity to use his God given gifts and became second only to the King. This placed him in the position to save his family from starvation.
After his father died his brothers were afraid that Joseph would exact revenge for what they had done to him.
Joseph's reply?
What you meant for evil God turned to good.
Another memorable plot twist is in the book of Esther. Here the evil villian of the story gets his nasty plans turned back on himself.instead of the Jews being massacred, their number increases.
The ultimate plot twist?
Scribes and Pharisees,influenced by Satan, plotted to kill Jesus and end His teaching.. It was through Christ's execution and resurrection that many of them, including Paul became followers of  Christ. They sought to extinguish one life but Christ's resurrection saved many lives have been saved through   the centuries.

My Plot Twist Praise Report!

Praise report? Yup!
The doctor said they think they got all the cancer and there was just a small amount Of first stage uterine cancer, so I will only have to have 6 month check ups for the next 3 years then check ups once a year.
The doctor said, "You're taking this news really well"
I said it was a real miracle it was found so early.
The ultrasound staff two weeks before had said it is a silent killer and not usually found until it is fourth stage.
The doctor agreed that it was a miracle for it to be found so early.
 I then asked if she'd also done a bladder repair.
'Cause I'm not having the leaking with coughing sneezing problem anymore. That was how they': found the thickening of the wall
- she only did the bilateral uferectomy & hysterectomy.
Wow, I guess God gave me the leaking problem so the cancer could be found then removed the problem after she took the cancer out!
"Maybe,"- she agreed adding  "He works in mysterious ways "

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