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Monday, 20 June 2016

Scholarship Allows Thousands to Take Ministry Instruction!

Sid Roth Offers Supernatural Ministry Scholarships!

Today I made a bold declaration of faith to the administrators of the Supernatural Ministerial school of Sid Roth.
In this post I am making that declaration of faith public.
Do you long to get deeper into God's Word too?
Do you feel you need a miracle to attend a school of ministry?
Did you know you can study with some of the greatest teachers of Supernatural Ministry right from your own home?

Sid Roth whose ministry broadcasts It's Supernatural is not only offering a ministerial course you can take in the comfort of your own home, but scholarships to make the course affordable for those who want to learn more about what it means to be in Supernatural Ministry.
You can find information about the course and scholarship at

Supernatural Ministry Course Offers Scholarships!

Sid Roth's school of ministry will send everything you need right to your home.
 No need to quit your job or leave your family responsibilities!
 Everything to complete the courses required to achieve a certificate through the Supernatural School of Ministry are available with a scholarship to put this course within budgetary reach.
Supernatural Ministry Course Instructors
I was healed of permanent nerve damage to my face at a service with one of these instructors of Supernatural Ministry and I am very excited at the prospect of increasing my understanding of Supernatural Ministry through this course.
Since God has given me Supernatural provision many times, I  am looking forward to sharing with you how He provides the means for me to take this course.

My Declaration of Faith About Attaining a Supernatural Ministry Certificate

One tool necessary for the school of Supernatural Ministry Certificate is a DVD player.
Well, ours gave out right after I declared that I was praying to be able to create a Bible Study program based around Max Lucado's DVD
So, here is the declaration of faith I sent the administrators at the  Sid Roth School of Supernatural Ministry.

I am stepping out in faith and declaring right now that I am believing if it is God's will for me to take this Supernatural Ministry Course, He will supply the funds and a DVD player so I will be able to take this course to expand His Kingdom.
I am looking forward to enhancing God's Supernatural plan for my life.
 I am declaring I am willing to surrender my life totally to God's Will.
God has redeemed me from terrible addictions, healed me of physical and mental afflictions, and saved my life not once but multiple times, givem Supernatural provision and finally revealed scriptural understanding and commissioned me to work together with other Refurbished People to lift each other up into God's plan for our lives and increase His Kingdom.
 If God wills it, someday He may even have me share the story of my Supernatural life and redemption through Sid Roth's ministry so his extremely important ministry to God's most beloved people will be increased.
Yours in Christ,

Suzanne M.Sholer

Well there it is.
I look forward to seeing the unusual way God answers my prayer.
Will it be yes, no, or not right now
You can find out more about thisSupernatural Ministry Course and the scholarship at Sid Roth
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