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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Contemplating - Healing Music~

Healing Music - Biblical Healing Connections! 

Scripture: 1Samuel 16:15-23
David, perhaps is the historical figure most associated in my mind with music.
Whom do you associate with music?
There are hundreds of psalms attributed to David, and many scriptures refer to David playing music and dancing before the Lord.
Some biblical scholars have it greatly impressed in their hearts to examine the role of music in ministry, and in particular the connection between healing and music.
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This post has thoughts on healing music and an amazing discovery by Christian Artist -Michael J. Tyrrell that we are praying in to bless women who will come to the Hôtel Dieu for Women.
img Michael J.Tyrrell
Christian Composer -Michael Tyrrell 
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Who is Michael J. Tyrrell?

Michael J.Tyrrell Amazing Testimony

Michael J. Tyrrell was headed quickly down a one way road to self-destruction, when he had an amazing divine appointment with a piano player in Israel.
img Israel -Where Michael Tyrrell met his caĺling
Christian Composer Michael Tyrrell had a Divine Appointment in Israel!

What happened that day changed not only Michael's life, but the lives of many others.
After receiving ancient manuscripts, Micheal was lead to rediscover the healing music that created in the ancient key of King David.

How Can Music Heal?

Have you ever wondered about how music can affect people?
I remember seeing a Myth Busters show, a few years ago, where they explored whether certain music tones could actually cause people to be physically ill. their result?
It is true!
Some vibrational frequencies can actually cause people to become ill.
So if some vibrations can cause people to become physically ill, could the opposite not be true?
They do!
Is it purely coincidence that when David played his harp, Saul recovered from illness?
Doctors and researchers in many hospitals have found that music can have the following positive effects:
✳Participants with brain injury demonstrated improvements in "executive function" (that's better memory, better reasoning and better problem solving for us non-medical types)
✳Kids had less anger, decreased aggression, lower depression, and increased self-esteem, all of which held through a 9-month program!
✳Cancer patients had positive effects on anxiety, pain, mood, and quality of life.
✳Burn victims had less Anxiety and pain during dressing changes with self-selected music.
✳Patients needed fewer drugs for chronic pain when they used music distraction and relaxation.
✳Reduced "stress peaks" through music and music-assisted relaxation.
✳Tense, stressed muscles were relaxed with music-assisted progressive muscle relaxation and...
✳Even people in a coma were able to improve through the use of music.

Amazing Testimony -Pancreatic Cancer Dissolved by G-d!

When Michael's  mother was to be rushed into a four hour surgery for Pancreatic cancer, Michael was lead to play the music over her using his guitar .
While the music was being played, his mother had a vision of the cancer dissolving. Forty-five minutes into the surgery, a nurse came to say the doctor wanted to speak with thee.
Michael exclaimed, " I know the cancer is gone. "
The surgeon bust in excitedly  "There is no cancer! It's clear ! "
Today 9 years later, she is still cancer free!
Composer Michael J.Tyrrell, and the people who have benefitted from his music research know of the benefits of these wonderful compositions.
One very notable place using Whole Tones Music created by Michael J. Tyrell is the Walter Reed National Medical Centre which treats veterans for PTSD, and numerous anxiety disorders.
The amazing thing about Whole Tones Music is that it works on the cellular level, so while the compositions are very pleasant to listen to, even people who are deaf can benefit from this music.

You can listen to the tones in isolation on YouTube for free, but having the tones incorporated into beautiful melodies is much more conducive to developing an enjoyable listening experience.

Personally, when I happened across Michael's website with its multiple music samples, I knew how important it was for people to learn about this amazing discovery that is changing so many lives.
When you check out the Whole Tones Music Website for yourself, you will see why we added this music program to the wish list for  Hôtel Dieu for Women homes.

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