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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Curious Message for Harley -,Military Helicopters!

Did Your Mail Arrive in My Mailbox Harley?

Sometimes I get messages for other people. This one is for Harley.
I have no idea who Harley is, so I am posting this message here, so that if it is the Will of Our Father it will be found by the appropriate person.
The other day, I felt a great tiredness begin to over take me and the words "Message for Harley " were put in my heart.
I had just enough strength to reach up and shut off the radio so there would be no interference, before I was swept into another time and place.

In this dream I looked out the front window here and saw the air was filled with white particulate.
"Is this a sandstorms?" I wondered.
"No, I thought, it is too white."
"Is it a snowstorm?"
I walked out onto the porch, but it was not cold outside. The bits of white filled the air and barely visible across the road were 3 large military style helicopters -boxy, with the propellers on the sides.One was red, one yellow and another blue with red on it.
Kind of like this but I don't recall there being any propellers on top.

It seemed that the propellers were on the sides.
Again I wondered what the white stuff was.
"Could it be snow ?" I wondered again.
Picking up a handful I noticed it wasn't cold.
I then turned around and saw the front of a 2- storey white frame house behind me, when I went around the corner of the building, I realized two things.

  1. I was a much older lady. My appearance reminded me of Mis Marion Rea , who had been a teacher at Lady Eatin Public School, and a leader at our church. Tall ,slim, very proper with my white hair piled on top of my head in a formal style.
  2. The back half of the house was missing! 
Two children ran towards the house yelling "Can we take what ever we want?"
I was dumbstruck. It seemed that the house had many valuable things in it.
"Sure, "I replied in shock"Anything for $10."
Then I stopped and realized how ridiculous that was. Those kids didn't have any money. No one had any money. No one had anything.
That was the end of the message.
So if this is your mail, I'm sure you know what it means.
I'm not going to start mucking it up by inserting any of my translation ideas.
Thanks for reading!
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May God Bless you as you bless others,